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Can I use mastic to apply stone to an interior wall sheathed with OSB?

I am in the process of building out a man cave. I have selected MSI split marble stacked stone for the bar. The bar is L shaped approx 40 1/2” high. What are the pros/cons of using mastic to apply ...
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Mastic Odor In House After Skylight Replacement

We had a new roof put on our home last week. They replaced our old cracked skylight with a new one. The old skylight was installed in an odd way, and they had to shave some drywall down that was ...
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How to encapsulate mastic adhesive and seal concrete garage floor

Part of my garage floor has what I believe to be asbestos vinyl tiles. My plan is to take appropriate precautions and get the tiles up. Then leave the mastic adhesive underneath, since it also ...
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Removing ceramic tile (non-asbestos) on top of subfloor and some black mastic (asbestos)

In middle of 1/2 bath remodel in 1970 home. Prev owner had remodeled bathroom 10+ yrs ago. That contractor left orig vanity in place but cut and removed vinyl tiles around vanity and laid ceramic ...
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Floating floor over old mastic?

I recently had carpet and asbestos tile tested and removed from my basement, and now am left with concrete covered with black mastic (non-asbestos per testing). I would like to cover the floor with ...
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Why is it a bad idea to install self-stick tiles over luan plywood?

I am intending to instal self stick tiles over a primed luan underlayment in a bathroom. However, the manufacturer's instructions clearly state: DO NOT install over unsuitable or unstable subflooring ...
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How to prevent solidification of mastic in nozzles

Using mastic or adhesives in cartons or cartidges that are squeezed out by a handgun, the nozzle is of paramount importance. Problem is, going back several days, weeks, or months later, the mastic has ...
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