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Preventing things from becoming damaged, broken or unusable.

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Filling a Viessmann Vitodens 100W that has dropped to minimum pressure

I have a Viessmann Vitodens 100-W that heats my house, and I presume delivers hot water too. I must confess I have been negligent, and never had it serviced. The unit is 8 years old. I will get it ...
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What is the proper way to clean a water heater?

I have heard many times that it is good to clean your water heater about once a year by flushing it. I went to look online to find the proper way to do so and found many people recommending different ...
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Rust on outdoor ac fan motor? Tech recommends replacement?

I had my annual ac inspection. House has two units and one runs about twice as long each day as the other because it cools much more of the house, and had its capacitor fail two years ago. Tech ...
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What are the "must do" tasks before winter hits?

I've had my furnace serviced in time for winter, but what other things should I consider doing before the snow and the ice come?
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Humidity Levels

What is a healthy and safe humidity level that I should try to keep my house at?
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Should I run the tap while dumping boiling water?

It seems to be common advice to run the cold water while dumping boiling water down the drain (for example, when draining pasta). A variety of reasons are cited for this, one of which is that it is ...
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How do I balance a ceiling fan?

About a year ago I installed a new ceiling fan in my living room and when it was installed it was balanced nicely, but it has a little wobble. How do I bring it back in to balance?
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How often should the air filter in the furnace be changed?

Does the period of change of this air filter have an affect on the longevity of the heating and a/c system? What is a good rule of thumb to require replacement?
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3 answers

Rust spots on water heater -- time to replace?

So I noticed today there's some rust spots showing up on the outside/bottom on the water heater. No more than a couple specs. Should I be worried?
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What is the best way to condition and protect a hardwood floor under heavy use?

We rent an old house with hardwood floors and the area under one of our office chairs is now brittle and dull. What are our options for conditioning and/or protecting the wood (especially to prevent ...
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How do I fix a chlorine feeder that's nearly impossible to open?

I've got an off-line Hayward chlorine tablet feeder on my pool (it has a 1/4" hose that taps off some water from the pressure side of the pump before the filter, and it outputs via 1/4" line to the ...
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Metals in pool turn water green after adding shock, what's the solution?

Our pool hasn't been opened in 4 years. We are finally in the process of resurrecting it from the dead, and have spent a lot of elbow grease (and tears) to get it to the point its currently at. Last ...
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What could be causing corrosion on a water heater burner?

Every 6 to 8 months or so my water heater (A.O. Smith 'Power Shot' high-efficiency) stops heating. The first time this happened (mid 2010) a plumber friend discovered that the burner had some ...
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Fixing a toilet deceptively complicated, where did I go wrong?

I have a toilet which was both running and leaking and I tried to fix it myself. I replaced the fill valve, the flush valve and the main gasket, all with items from Home Depot. Home Depot had one ...
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What should I check if my chainsaw fails to start?

My chainsaw stopped working and I've got a tree that fell and needs cut up. Does anybody have any idea what I can do to get my chainsaw started? I've done a bit of stuff on cars so I'm willing to try ...
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How to secure privacy lattice to top of existing fence gate?

I want to fix some privacy lattice installed along the fences at a property I maintain. Most of the lattice installed along the actual FENCE is solid - I’m assuming because the bottoms of the lattice ...
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