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Magnetic fixtures and fasteners.

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Glass framed shower door missing magnet

I bought a house with a builder grade glass framed shower. The door is missing the magnet that keeps it closed. It appears that whatever attached the magnet to the frame corroded, so it's not obvious ...
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How to keep a door from closing when left open [duplicate]

I have a bathroom door that naturally tends to close itself if left open. I would like to not replace or rehang the door (it is a cheap hollow-core door, but I would like to add … something so that ...
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How to spackle a plaster/drywall to firmly hold a magnetic door lock with plastic nails?

The problem is that the wall half of the magnet has come off the wall, leaving a hole in the wall. I tried to plug the hole in the wall with DryDex Sparkling & Nail Hole Filler, but it was not ...
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Could Velcro be use to install secondary glazing rather than magnets?

Does anyone know why secondary glazing (ie perspex sheets fitted inside the window) are typically connected to the windows with magnetic strips? I'm wondering if anyone has used velcro strips ...
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Using strong magnets for hanging window blinds

I have a wide window a touch less than 6' across and I want to install a blind with 2" deep horizontals. The blind that was within my price range comes with five support brackets, which can either ...
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