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Questions tagged [load-bearing]

A load bearing wall supports the structure above it, and thus cannot be removed without replacing that support. Use with the [walls] tag

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4 answers

Are there ways to determine if a wall is load bearing?

Other than looking up blue prints, which many homeowners may not have, are there ways to determine if a wall is load bearing? Methods I can think of might include: Going up in the attic to check if ...
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Can I build a pergola on an existing deck, without digging more footers?

A couple of years ago I built a deck onto my house. It is 32' x 14' I used a cantilever design at 12' with 2x8" floor joists, with 2x6" decking boards. The Cantilever beam was set on 6x6" posts that ...
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Proper size of header to support new door in load bearing wall?

We're going to install a new linen closet off the hallway next to our recently(ish) remodeled bathroom. The wall in question is load bearing. I know how to properly build out the King and Jack studs,...
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Is my closet load bearing?

I want to remove the closets that are in the hallway off of my garage so I can install new cabinets for a mud-room. I want to make sure the closets are not load bearing before I remove. Here are some ...
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Is it unsafe to remove one stud from a load bearing wall?

I need to cut a hole for a recessed medicine cabinet. This wall is at the end of the house. I only need to cut one stud to make a frame for the cabinet. Will this damage the integrity of the bearing ...
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20 votes
3 answers

How to calculate the maximum safe load on a horizontal wooden beam?

I am thinking of constructing a wooden bed/desk/roof/shed/ship/bridge/rocket How can I calculate the maximum load a rectangular horizontal wooden beam of dimensions L x H x W can safely support if ...
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Contractor cut joist hangers to make them fit

(edited with additional info re. header) We are removing a couple of load bearing walls as part of renos in our home. The engineer specified a W8x21steel beam to replace the load bearing wall. The ...
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15 votes
4 answers

Why mate two boards instead of using one thicker board?

I need to build a footbridge across a creek and, due to soft and low land around it, will need a long span crossing the creek. I found this tutorial by Ron Hazelton where he makes a bridge with a 12' ...
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Can I modify a load bearing triple stud?

I am installing a small safe in a wall and when I cut the opening in the drywall I noticed that the studs were in an unusual distribution. The stud on the right was normal but then there were multiple ...
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3 answers

Is it OK to drill one or two 2 inch holes into a load bearing header in my basement?

tl;dr: Is it OK to drill one or two 2 inch holes into a load bearing header in my basement made of doubled-up 2x10s on top of 2x6s? This area is in the center of my two-story house, and bridges over ...
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what is the design load limit for a jack stud and header plate?

Assuming an over-strength column composed of one jack and two king studs - how much load can a single jack stud support - assuming #2 stud grade SPF for the header and jack. I've found a table that ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can anyone make sense of what’s happening with this framing?

Basically the horizontal boards are sandwiched between 2x4's on either side. House is a 1925 cape, but the bathroom is newer (maybe 10-15 years ago) This is an interior wall with plaster/lathe behind ...
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How to estimate the load bearing of MDF plates on a wood/beam construction?

I have a 2000mm x 1400mm x 15 mm MDF panel (green) which I want to use on a to be constructed high plane for a bed and some space around. The depth should be 1600mm. The room is not rectangular which ...
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What would a calculation be for the weight bearing capacity of 6 x 2 studwork?

I'm building a campus board (a training aid for rock climbing) and my landlord wants to know how someone can be sure a person's body weight can be supported from it. I'm at a loss on how to give him ...
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Need help evaluating damage to pergola post

I have a 10-year-old cedar pergola (see picture) and I just discovered some moisture and carpenter ant damage in the base of posts. The damage had been hidden beneath decorative base caps. I scraped ...
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Filling a hole made in a wood stud

Bottomline, I think I've made a huge mistake. I was drilling through studs in a load bearing wall to pass a cable. This is on a doubled-up stud going perpendicular into a joist. Definitely load ...
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Is this wall load bearing? See photos

I'm looking to tear down the wall between my kitchen and dining room, and I'm wondering if it's load bearing. If so, it's a 9' section that I want to remove. Would two 2x10s with 1/2" plywood ...
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Trying to see if wall I removed 1.5 years ago was load bearing [duplicate]

We bought a house awhile back and removed a wall we think was there to divide the kitchen from the dining room. We wanted a more open concept. Just want some assurance the wall was not load bearing. ...
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