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Most inexpensive tool to cut a six inch slice off of a two to three foot oolitic limestone boulder?

I am using 2-4 foot limestone boulders as rip rap in a nearby canal. I'm trying to avoid buying EXPENSIVE mining/lapidary equipment. It is very SLOW work however to cut off the sides of the boulders ...
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O or N Mortar for Fieldstone foundation on the exterior side

My house was built in 1860 and I have a field stone foundation. I have some areas on the exterior that I need to reapply some mortar on. I know some people are using type N and adding sand and some ...
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Can reconstituted limestone blocks be rendered?

I have a small (re-constituted) limestone retaining wall in my yard which I would like to render and paint. I have previously rendered brickwork. I am unsure whether it is even possible to render ...
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In-ground base foundation

Do not know if I’m under engineered. 4 feet in depth, individual 3000lb block to form walls (seating area), on geogrid between 6” of 1 1/2 angular stone, and on top of blackland prairie soil.. I have ...
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Quarry block sunken firepit

I want to put limestone blocks 2x2x5’ for seats in a 10x12, 4’ deep fireplace area, I rented a digger and dig a good amount and plan to put 6” of bass or minus then the blocks around the pit.. will it ...
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How can I safely cut small limestone bricks?

I have a number of long limestone bricks leftover after breaking down a large limestone planter. They're 2.5"x4", vary in length from 6" to 18", and some are mortared together. I'd ...
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Lime/bath stone - In need of clean and repair

The stone on my house which I think is Bath stone or Limestone is getting dirty. I’m not sure if it’s pollution, acid rain or something else. I tried to give it a quick scrub with water and a gentle ...
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Chemical used to clean washing machines

I have an LG WD1457RD washer-dryer that's been working pretty well for me, except that where I live (southeast Mexico) there's a lot of limestone so the water is very hard and leaves stains on ...
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How can I determine if moisture in a basement is due to condenstation vs intrusion through walls?

I have a 1902 house built upon a limestone foundation, and I am interesting in finishing a portion of the basement to build a home office. Before I build anything though, I want to make sure I do it ...
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