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How to remove limestone from supply lines?

I noticed that some pipes have a low flow of water, in particular hot water pipes. I removed the limestone from faucets using vinegar, and it worked, but I noticed that the supply pipes themselves are ...
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Filling in holes between brick wall and interior window frame

So my partner and I are working to restore an old interior brick wall (about 100 years old). We have stripped off the plaster and cleared out all the loose, crumbling mortar in some sections of the ...
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How do I hang a 500lb slab of limestone as a new mantel?

We are adding a fireplace outside on our porch, and my wife fell in love with the thought of a limestone mantel. So, we have a beautiful 90.5"x14"x4" slab of limestone sitting here (...
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Most inexpensive tool to cut a six inch slice off of a two to three foot oolitic limestone boulder?

I am using 2-4 foot limestone boulders as rip rap in a nearby canal. I'm trying to avoid buying EXPENSIVE mining/lapidary equipment. It is very SLOW work however to cut off the sides of the boulders ...
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O or N Mortar for Fieldstone foundation on the exterior side

My house was built in 1860 and I have a field stone foundation. I have some areas on the exterior that I need to reapply some mortar on. I know some people are using type N and adding sand and some ...
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Can reconstituted limestone blocks be rendered?

I have a small (re-constituted) limestone retaining wall in my yard which I would like to render and paint. I have previously rendered brickwork. I am unsure whether it is even possible to render ...
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In-ground base foundation

Do not know if I’m under engineered. 4 feet in depth, individual 3000lb block to form walls (seating area), on geogrid between 6” of 1 1/2 angular stone, and on top of blackland prairie soil.. I have ...
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Quarry block sunken firepit

I want to put limestone blocks 2x2x5’ for seats in a 10x12, 4’ deep fireplace area, I rented a digger and dig a good amount and plan to put 6” of bass or minus then the blocks around the pit.. will it ...
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How can I safely cut small limestone bricks?

I have a number of long limestone bricks leftover after breaking down a large limestone planter. They're 2.5"x4", vary in length from 6" to 18", and some are mortared together. I'd ...
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Lime/bath stone - In need of clean and repair

The stone on my house which I think is Bath stone or Limestone is getting dirty. I’m not sure if it’s pollution, acid rain or something else. I tried to give it a quick scrub with water and a gentle ...
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Chemical used to clean washing machines

I have an LG WD1457RD washer-dryer that's been working pretty well for me, except that where I live (southeast Mexico) there's a lot of limestone so the water is very hard and leaves stains on ...
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How can I determine if moisture in a basement is due to condenstation vs intrusion through walls?

I have a 1902 house built upon a limestone foundation, and I am interesting in finishing a portion of the basement to build a home office. Before I build anything though, I want to make sure I do it ...
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