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lime plastering over chicken mesh or reed

we are trying to put up walls for our insulated walls. We used fiberglass insulation and currently just put up chicken wires (not super flat but we are fine with the wall having curves here and there) ...
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Painting over limewash brick

When we moved in to our home an interior brick wall had been painted over with some type of opaque white paint. I decided to limewash the wall - a coat of prep coat and two coats of limewash. It ...
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Is it ok to cover this cement patch with lime mortar?

I previously asked about a patch on a deep hole which has been giving off a strong odour. In the comments people mentioned that the cement had probably been mixed with other materials hence an ...
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1920 UK London House - How should I internal insulate?

The house was built in the 1920's east of London. The inside walls are cold to touch and we are considering insulating them. The house was recently externally rendered without external insulation :( ...
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