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Recessed LED lighting layout for bedroom under 7 foot ceiling weird layout

We have a bedroom that has 7ft ceilings and around 170 square feet. I am 6’ 4” so I wanted to try and avoid lights that would be in the middle of the room where I would walk and cutoff the light with ...
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Plumbing layout with many constraints

Attached is an image with constraints labeled. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to connect all this together. My best thinking so far is to run the shower with a center drain to the toilet with ...
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What Type of Roof is This?

I'm trying to figure out what the name is for the roof structure my home has - it's a single level late 70s ranch, side-gabled, but the roof is broken up into multiple segments. Is there a name for a ...
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Porch & Foyer on same circuit?

Will it pass code if I put the Porch and Foyer (both receptacles and lights) on the same circuit?
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