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What could happen if I use 2 cycle fuel in a 4 cycle engine?

First off, this is NOT to be confused with the following question: What could happen if I used 4 cycle fuel in a 2 cycle engine? 2 cycle oil is used for my weed eater. There is no way I could use a ...
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3 answers

Yard Vac only runs on full choke

My Parents gave me a Craftsman Yard Vac (Model No. 247.770550) that they hadn't used in a few years. The tank had been empty, but mice had made a nest around the engine. I chased the mice away and ...
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7 answers

How to sharpen a lawn mower blade?

Is it possible for a DIYer to sharpen the blade on their lawn mower? If so, how would I sharpen the blade on my lawn mower? It is a reasonably basic push mower but it does have a 'mulching' blade.
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Difficult to start a four stroke mower when cold - how to diagnose the problem

I have a mower with a Tecumseh LV148AE / LV195EA engine that will run pretty well once it warms-up, but getting it started when cold is quite a challenge. The way I have been able to get it started ...
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My push lawn mower will start when primed, then it dies unless I tip it backwards

My Craftsman push mower will fire up fine after I prime it, but once that gas burns off, it dies unless I tip the mower backwards. I cleaned out the air filter and sprayed carb and choke cleaner ...
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3 answers

Toro ready start lawn mower dead

Toro Personal Pace Recycler 22 in. Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Briggs & Stratton Engine Model #: 104M02-0010-F1 Serial:1412305830813 Parts List: PDF Last worked one month ago. ...
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