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Can I run 12/2 low voltage wire for landscape lighting through a crawl space? [closed]

Question re: low voltage landscape lighting wiring. If the 300 watt transformers are mounted in a garage or dry crawl space, can I run the 12/2 direct burial wire through the crawl space/garage to the ...
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Compacting gravel on top of landscape fabric

I am planning to use a plate compactor to compact some #57 gravel that is on top of a landscape fabric. My question: Will this break the landscape fabric or reduce its functionality, or this type of ...
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What causes water ponding in the back yard?

I inspected a house that has a separate main liveable building and the garage that is separated by a back yard, hence one must go through the back window sliding door and the whole length of the ...
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Drainage for playground with 12 inches retaining wall?

I am building a playground area, and as part of having the ground level, I ended up building a retaining wall, and I have a question about drainage. Some data on the project: The wall will be ...
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Replacing Landscape MR11 Halogen with LED

Have read many posts on this subject with conflicting information, so help please. I have an older 250W to 12vAC outdoor landscape transformer powering 8 fixtures with 20W halogen MR11 bulbs. I want ...
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How should I remove a swimming pool from my back yard?

Our house had a nice cedar pergola in the backyard, about 20'x16', whose posts began to rot at the base. It was covered in grape vine... Nice for shade but not for a falling down pergola. Needless to ...
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