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How To Frame Around Stair Landing

We are looking to renovate our basement, adding in framing and insulation among other improvements to replace our current walls, which are simply a laminate wood panel nailed to some furring strips ...
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How can I improve waterproof flooring for outdoor landing?

I have an outdoor landing outside our back door that is mostly covered by roof overhang (~90% covered). It consists of 3/4" plywood covered with paint, with metal edging at the edge of the ...
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How do I cover up a broken concrete landing? [closed]

Before it was flipped, our house used to be two separate units. The staircase to go to the second floor was outside in the backyard. The staircase was removed by the flipper, but the concrete landing ...
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Finishing A Newly Installed Stair Landing

I am currently wrapping up finishing my basement, and am trying to figure out what to do with my stair landing. Because of a ~2" increase in height compared to my old basement floor, I had to ...
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What's the "right" level for the surface of a concrete pad? At, above or below grade?

Lots of information about how to lay a concrete pad, but nobody seems to address this overtly. We're building a wheelchair ramp, the bottom is to be a concrete landing slab. We are in the northeast ...
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