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How do I level a basement floor but not the slab underneath?

I'd like to install laminate floor on top of Delta FL in my basement. The basement slab is not level, it slopes (from all directions) towards a floor drain (that, via a pipe, leads to a sump pump) ...
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How to close gaps between laminate floorboards

I have a laminate "click together" flooring and some of the board have separated. If I kick my foot on some of the boards, I can scooch some of them together. However, its not very effective. Is ...
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How do I build the support structure for a 36"x14' built-in desk?

I would like to build a 36 in deep desk into a 14ft wide space that has floor to ceiling windows along the back. My initial idea is put cleat plates on the side walls, then run a 2x6 joist at 12 in ...
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For new construction, which flooring is greener: laminate or engineered?

For new construction, which flooring is greener, an engineered hardwood or a laminate.
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Can/Should I seal laminate "wood" flooring?

I bought a house with "wood" laminate flooring, where the planks are pressed wood with a wood print veneer. My agent was telling me that spills and moisture in the seams will cause the planks to swell ...
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