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What's the difference between Interior and Exterior scaffolding?

I've been looking into getting some scaffolding for some jobs around the house. Honestly, I may need it for both inside and outside. I see various products where they specifically list scaffolding as ...
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Fire escape ladder cannot be used if the floor (room) below is on fire?

I heard fire escape ladders or rope ladders cannot be used to get out of your building window if the room directly below is on fire. I would imagine because the ladder then would catch fire? If that's ...
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Can I lean a ladder against tempered glass without damaging the window?

We are building, and just now after the windows have been installed is that I realised they are really high up. The window is made of tempered glass 8mm thick, 3.5 m wide, 2.5 m high and starts at 3....
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How do I calculate the length of a ladder I need to reach a certain height?

My roof-line is 24' from the ground. What length ladder should I purchase to ensure I can reach the this height safely? I'm guessing there is a "safe" angle (a) for a ladder, regardless of the height ...
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Weight distribution on library ladder?

I have a very tall galkey kitchen, with cabinets run to the ceiling. A library ladder would be an ideal way to utilize this space. I have the skills necessary to fabrcate what I need, but I don't know ...
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Best Technique to Achieve Perfect Cut-Outs in a 2x4

I am building a ladder similar to the one pictured. I want to cut hand-hold holes like the ones in the image. I am horrible with a jig-saw, and I don't think I could ever get them looking as nice as ...
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Can I use two ladders to create a makeshift scaffold?

I have a really high stairwell to do walls around (cca 18 ft). Scaffolding is impractical. I had rigged a temporary platform that I used to hang drywall and it worked well but I had to remove it ...
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How can I build a ladder that runs on rails?

I have a kitchen with a high ceiling and want to install an extra level of shelves to make use of the space. To reach the top shelves, a ladder is required. Ideally, it would be attached to a rail and ...
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What size hole do I need in masonry for an anchor that takes a 1/2" thread?

I bought these ladder hangers from Home Depot today. I have used anchors before, but I tend to not make the right size hole. What is the ideal size hole for an anchor that takes a 1/2" thread? How ...
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Is it safe to use an extension ladder in the garage?

I had a line of insulation decide it no longer wanted to stay attached to the garage rafters. Bought some fresh (and better) stuff. Went to put it up, but my standard stepladder is coming up short (...
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How do I use an extension ladder to get onto my roof?

I have a two storey house and need to get onto the roof to apply some heat paint on my furnace exhaust pipe before winter. It looks about 20-22' from the ground to the edge my eaves, so to be safe I ...
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How to build a quick-and-easy wood ladder?

I have a pair of long 4x4 posts holding my chimney, and I'd like to build a ladder in to the posts for maintenance. In some ways this could be safer than using an extension ladder, as the posts are ...
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