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Ladders or scaffolding to reach this soffit

I need to work on the soffit underneath the second floor roof. Below the second floor roof is a first floor roof which prevents me from leaning a ladder from the ground. (see picture). What kind of ...
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House davit? Do they exist?

On boats there is a often a boom with a winch called a "davit". It is essentially a sort of crane that allows things to be loaded on and off the boat. Houses do not seem to normally have davits, even ...
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Proper way to reframe joists to install attic ladder?

I'm looking to replace the attic ladder with 25.5 x 55 opening ( Century Elite AL2511R5 ). After removing my old ladder, the opening looks like the following : I'm looking to change joists as follows ...
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Strengthening a Bamboo Ladder (After a Mistake)

I am a newbie to this so please be gentle. I had some dried out bamboo lying around and for some reason, I decided to make a ladder out of it. I got one of my measurements wrong and cut out a notch ...
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How can I build a ladder that runs on rails?

I have a kitchen with a high ceiling and want to install an extra level of shelves to make use of the space. To reach the top shelves, a ladder is required. Ideally, it would be attached to a rail and ...
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My wooden Fakro attic ladder is not trimmed properly according to manual. How dangerous is it to use?

It says that when unfolded, the metal arms attaching the top segment to the door frame should be resting on and supported by the two adjustment bolts in the door frame, the feet should be flush to the ...
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How does this "Multi-Way Ladder" work?

I bought a used ladder a few days ago. It's an Eagle brand "Multi-Way Ladder" that can be used as a step ladder or a short straight extension ladder. The model number is LP-711E. ...
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How I fixed a broken spring in an extension ladder rung lock

I found many people have this issue with older ladders. The biggest issue is older ladders use quite a different rung lock, so there's no replacement parts. The spring on my ladder is a coil spring, ...
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Putting up posters in hard to reach places

I'd like to place posters in a hard to reach spot in my home. The posters are pretty sturdy. They're glossy prints on thick cardstock paper. I'd like to place them up along a tall wall, except that ...
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