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House davit? Do they exist?

On boats there is a often a boom with a winch called a "davit". It is essentially a sort of crane that allows things to be loaded on and off the boat. Houses do not seem to normally have davits, even ...
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DIY Attic ladder or hire someone?

This is what my attic access looks like. Is it feasible to install ladder access myself or should I hire someone?
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Proper way to reframe joists to install attic ladder?

I'm looking to replace the attic ladder with 25.5 x 55 opening ( Century Elite AL2511R5 ). After removing my old ladder, the opening looks like the following : I'm looking to change joists as follows ...
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Strengthening a Bamboo Ladder (After a Mistake)

I am a newbie to this so please be gentle. I had some dried out bamboo lying around and for some reason, I decided to make a ladder out of it. I got one of my measurements wrong and cut out a notch ...
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How can I build a ladder that runs on rails?

I have a kitchen with a high ceiling and want to install an extra level of shelves to make use of the space. To reach the top shelves, a ladder is required. Ideally, it would be attached to a rail and ...
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How does this "Multi-Way Ladder" work?

I bought a used ladder a few days ago. It's an Eagle brand "Multi-Way Ladder" that can be used as a step ladder or a short straight extension ladder. The model number is LP-711E. ...
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How I fixed a broken spring in an extension ladder rung lock

I found many people have this issue with older ladders. The biggest issue is older ladders use quite a different rung lock, so there's no replacement parts. The spring on my ladder is a coil spring, ...
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Putting up posters in hard to reach places

I'd like to place posters in a hard to reach spot in my home. The posters are pretty sturdy. They're glossy prints on thick cardstock paper. I'd like to place them up along a tall wall, except that ...
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