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How can I unscrew this nut with little clearance?

I am trying to replace my kitchen faucet and have encountered a nut that I don’t know how to get at. As you can see the nut is bounded by counter (green) on one side and sink (red) on the other. I’ve ...
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What's the name for this piece attached to the kitchen faucet hose?

Some time ago, I had a lot of rust and debris come into our plumbing due to some maintenance work my city did. Since then, my kitchen faucet cold water has been coming in pretty slowly. When I finally ...
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Removing Moen kitchen faucet aerator

My Moen kitchen faucet has an aerator that none of the standard aerator keys seem to fit. I've attached a picture of it below. Maybe Moen did this purposefully to make people need to replace the ...
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Should I run the tap while dumping boiling water?

It seems to be common advice to run the cold water while dumping boiling water down the drain (for example, when draining pasta). A variety of reasons are cited for this, one of which is that it is ...
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How can I stop sink fitting from leaking?

We have a somewhat interesting set up under our kitchen sink. There is a flexible pipe fitting connecting the sink drain to the waste pipe. We recently had a clog in the line and I had to disassemble ...
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Plumbing Piece(?) Identification From Stop Valve Removal

Posted a question here to help me debug low water pressure to my kitchen faucet. Link to post here: kitchen-faucet-low-water-pressure-cold-only Basically, there was low water pressure only on the ...
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what kind of faucet is this and how do I take off handle?

The handle is loose (a bit wiggly) and I want to take it off to figure out how to tighten it. Problem is I can't figure out how to take it off... My guess is it is from mid to late 2000s
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Why does my kitchen faucet have 3 pipes?

My kitchen sink has a peculiar setup I haven't seem before. The faucet has 3 pipes and there is an electric water heater under the sink. The first pipe brings cold water into the faucet. The second ...
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1/4" Reverse Osmosis Filter inlet line to undersink cold water line

I am trying to connect an under counter Reverse Osmosis ( R.O. ) filter inlet line (red 1/4" tubing) to the cold water supply line (3/8" black tubing in picture) under my kitchen sink. Can anyone ...
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How can I prevent my faucet from spinning? [closed]

this faucet needs to spin, but after using hot water, or rotating too far, the base begins to spin in place. sometimes this causes leaking issues the plumbing underneath the sink since it all spins ...
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How can I route a trap when the drain inlet is too close to my disposal unit?

I am installing a trap into my new sink. I've installed the garbage disposal, and also the new strainer. The problem I have come across is the fact the trap is WAY too close to the garbage disposal ...
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What’s causing the water to come back up in my kitchen sink?

I have a clogged kitchen sink (single bin with garbage disposal). When you run the garbage disposal, it drains the sink but when I turn it off, the water comes back up and fills the sink. I tried: ...
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What tool to tighten nut on kitchen faucet?

I'm not sure what the name of this nut is, but it has come loose. I have a "basin wrench ratchet head" that goes on my socket set ratchet with a long arm but it can't get purchase because it is too ...
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How to remove stubborn kitchen faucet mount nut?

I tried to remove my faucet from old kitchen sink but the nut is tighten so hard: I am using channel lock on the nut to turn counterclock wise and I use my hand to hold on the faucet on the other ...
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water drained from one kitchen sink gushes out over another

I have a two-sink combo in the kitchen and it looks like this (sorry for the somewhat gross appearance :-): sometime when i wash dishes by hands, the food residues slow down the water flowing down ...
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Re-plumbing kitchen sink

I primarily use the right sink which has a garbage disposal. Maybe this isn't a good idea? Anyway, I notice that when soapy water goes down the right sink drain, sometimes the bubbles go up the left ...
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