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Odor Coming From Oven

I have a GE oven and am getting a strong odor when I use any of the burners or the oven. The odor reminds me of the smell a kerosene heater would put out when being used. I haven't cleaned the oven at ...
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Safe heater options for small cabin with no electric [closed]

I'm trying to set up a safe heater for an 8'x20' cabin. The cabin is based on a standard steel container. I want one that doesn't require electric, and exhausts any fumes to the outside. I'm in the ...
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How can I cut up and remove a metal kerosene storage tank that is in a cellar?

This question has already been asked, but in the previously asked question the tank was plastic and was sited outside. This one is metal and in a cellar its 6 ft. by 4 ft. by 4 ft. The kerosene/air ...
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What is the safest way to cut up an old kerosene storage tank?

Folks, I need to remove an old kerosene storage tank (for central heating) from my in-laws back garden. The tank is moulded plastic, and has a 1,000 litre capacity. The access point it was ...