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Jetted tub plastic tube

I have a jetted tub that started leaking, I have an access panel and was able to find the issue of a bad gasket. I also noticed a small plastic tube that was not connected. I'm not clear where this ...
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Should I remove and reinstall a Jacuzzi / whirlpool tub when replacing the paneling around it with tile?

I have a large Jacuzzi / whirlpool tub in my master bedroom suite which currently has an all wood surround. As part of a renovation I want to get rid of the wood surround (at last partially), ...
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whirlpool tub faucet mixer **spraying** in the ceiling of first floor

I have a Kohler whirlpool tub on second floor, not used for months, and when I switch on either the hot or cold faucet, it leaks all over in the ceiling of first floor room, but no water comes in the ...
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Error Code C01 on Maax Hydromax jetted tub

I have a Maax HydroMax jetted tub about 20 years old. It gets a C01 error code when trying to turn on the jets. The pump runs for a second or less and then shuts off. I have the install and ...
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