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Do I need a permit to replace an island (with two outlets)?

We removed a small old island and are planning on replacing it with a new, slightly larger one. The old one had two outlets on either side that we've left completely intact (wiring, receptacles, and ...
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(CA) Code for outdoor sink drainage?

I'm planning an outdoor BBQ island with a simple sink with cold water for handwashing. My city defers most code to California's code but in both cases I'm having trouble finding the relevant section. ...
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How can I extend a cable to move an outlet inside a kitchen island cabinet?

Due to remodeling, I need to move an outlet in my island. The current system is wired as follows: a 12/2 NM wire comes from the circuit breaker box to the first (non-moving) outlet, and a 12/2 wire ...
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How do I weigh a kitchen island to determine what size castors to get?

I need castors for a kitchen island. I need to know what to get. Do all the castors need to carry full weight or do I divide by 4 to get say 4 50lb to hold a 200lb cabinet for example?
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Putting a microwave in an island?

We are remodeling our kitchen, and we are going to put the microwave inside of our new island, Below the counter top, Built-in with the cabinets. Our old microwave is an "over the range" microwave ...
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How can I provide an electrical outlet at my portable kitchen island?

I want to use appliances on my kitchen island but don't want it to be built in. If I hang a pendant light and install a lamp holder outlet adapter into a light bulb socket. Is this dangerous or a ...
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Island Range Hood Not Centered above the Stovetop

He, I'm in the process of doing a small remodel to my kitchen. We took out a half wall that the stovetop is positioned in front of and are converting the wall mount hood to an island. My issue is that ...
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Wiring for island D/W and GFI and Garbage Disposer

Currently under sink I have a 12/3 and a 12/2 wire that come into a junction box. The 12/2 comes from another wall GFI and the 12/3 comes from the breaker panel. How can I connect wires in box to add ...
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Should I build the Kitchen Island on top of tile or remove?

I am rebuilding my kitchen island it has a half wall already installed which is secured to the concrete floor. I want to extend the wall and make the island bigger. To do that the wall will extend ...
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Island sink drains... slowly

We've converted our kitchen to an open plan by tearing out the wall separating kitchen from dining area, so that the sink and dishwasher are now in an island. The wall that I tore out, of course, ...
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