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Can someone give me advice on the technology I should use in a wireless home security system with the specifics in the description? [closed]

Background information: The valuables I want security for will be in a closet. I want the outdoor cameras to be able to be used for surveillance in an internet and power grid down event for which I ...
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Does a light bulb socket security camera require the wall switch to be on? [closed]

Does the light switch have to stay on all time for the camera to work? Where I want to place it there are 20 accent lights hooked up to 1 light switch. Are there any workarounds if I don't want to ...
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Can you wire something in parallel to a light switch?

I’m looking to wire a Ring motion camera to the roof overhanging my garage to replace my old Ethernet driven camera. The easiest access wire that I can see is attached to a switch in the attic. I don’...
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How to mount camera on wall with EPS insulation?

I need to mount a couple of outdoor cameras at my house. Exterior wall layers are EPS, and behind it cement board. The electrician put some conduits where I told him I wanted the cameras. Any special ...
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What are the grounding/bonding requirements for outdoor-mounted power over Ethernet (PoE) security cameras?

I am planning a construction project; as part of it, I will install several security cameras mounted to the underside of my soffits. The cameras will be connected and powered via a wired network (...
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Installing security cameras in a mobile home with no attic [closed]

My aunt has bought some DVR security cameras to install in her mobile home (Trailer). The house has NO attic, just a tin roof. The house does have a very easily accessible "crawlspace", ...
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Fix Video & Power Wire for Security Camera

Is it possible to fix power & video wires for the security camera shown below? This wire was originally divided into two wires ... one for power (that goes to an adapter) and one for video that ...
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Need a peephole camera without modifying peephole [closed]

I searched almost everywhere. Here is my issue. I live in an apt. I cannot modify or remove the peephole. I can't add a video doorbells of any kind. I am looking to see how I can put a camera on the ...
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Motion Sensors Don't Work Through Glass — Is There a Workaround?

For one of my security cameras, I don't want it to be outside, exposed to the elements, bugs, birds, and mainly, people who could tamper with it, break it, or steal it. I currently have it behind a ...
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External Ethernet wiring in a condo

Background I live in a two-story condo that doesn't have Ethernet wiring. My goal is to retrofit and get wires to as many locations as possible. After self-inspection and consulting with contractors ...
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POE ip camera stopped working after more than a year

I have an exterior hikvision dome ip camera that stopped working in a 4 camera nvr setup. It worked fine for over a year. I've tried a bunch of things to narrow down the problem. I updated the ...
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