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Shelly2 Dimmer in 3-way 4-way circuit [closed]

My first posting here. I am trying to add a Shelley2 dimmer in a 3-way or a 4-way switch to add dimming and smart switch capability because I do not have a neutral wire inside the box so I chose ...
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Are 8-Zone Wiring Centers Compatible With Smart Thermostats?

I'm looking at various wiring centers for gas boiler heating and I'm wondering if they're compatible with the major smart thermostats, such as Nest, Hive, and Honeywell. Wiring Centers: Reliance:...
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Does my plan to rewire my doorbell meet code?

Behind my doorbell panel, a 24VAC transformer is currently wired into mains (USA) using wire nuts. I am interested in tapping into mains to power an IoT device that would integrate with the doorbell (...
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Is it possible to charge a battery from a live with without creating a second ground? [closed]

This came about out of a conversation with a friend and we were wondering if it was theoretically possible to power a device with a hot wire and have that device's neutral/ground be attached back to ...
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Install ceiling light with wireless switch

I’m looking to install a ceiling fixture where none exists. I believe power is already routed through the joists where I’d like to install. Can I have a contractor open the ceiling and put in a ...
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How to measure Voltage without disturbing the circuit?

I have an old alarm system which I'm trying to modernize. We don't use it for anything at the moment. My desire it to hook it to a Spark Particle that I have and use it to monitor some of the door ...
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Single Neutral for Several Smart Switches

I have some (seemingly common, but specifically unanswered) concerns about providing a neutral wire to smart switches that are in a single multi-gang box (4-6 switches on different circuits). I am ...
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Link remote light switches via nest

I have a light switch that controls the light on my front porch. It was clearly designed for incandescent bulbs as CFLs always flicker when installed outside when the light is off as if a small ...
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Is it safe to turn off dehumidifier by switching power off

I am thinking of plugging my compressor dehumidifier to a smart switch so I can control it when it should turn on/off by controlling the power outlet. The dehumidifier has an "Auto Restart" feature ...
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How do I connect a WiFi enabled wall switch?

I would like to connect an iDevices WIFI wall switch to an end of line single pole connection which controls the my table lamp connected to an upper wall outlet. The wifi switch has a red, black white ...
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