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Questions with this tag are about the symptoms, causes and cures of interference, which is defined as an undesirable electrical phenomenon competing with a desirable electrical signal(s).

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Why would my TV image turn black when electrical appliances turn on?

I have my computer connected to my TV via HDMI. Every time something electrical happens (fridge turns on, stove sparks, etc), the image on the TV goes black for a second and then comes back on. And ...
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Will security system wiring cause interference in data cables?

Is it acceptable to run 22/4 security wire along side Cat6 and Coax cables, or is there any possibility for interference?
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Installing Coax & Cat6 in 2-Gang with Electrical?

Using a 2-gang box, can I install a (1) outlet, (2) coax, and (3) Cat-6 line without code or interference issues? I have an existing 1-gang box with electrical that I am running the coax and cat-6 ...
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What's causing the popping noise from my speakers?

Several weeks ago, I moved into a new home. In office, I have my computer set up with a set of media speakers (older model of Logitech Z-550's). Every now and then the speakers will make a popping ...
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Diagnose interference causing garage door opener remotes not to function

How do I diagnose why our garage door remotes periodically stop working? I suspect that there is some sort of radio interference causing the problem. This morning I left the house for about an ...
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300 ft Ethernet run parallel to 120v circuit

There is a boardwalk through a wooded marsh approximately 250ft long with no line of sight between the ends. Along one side of that boardwalk is an electrical circuit. I need to establish an Ethernet ...
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Electrical shutters crash computer connected to same power line

A friend of mine has a very strange condition with the electrical system in his room. Connected to mains, there is mainly an audio system, a computer and, most importantly electrical shutters. They ...
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Can an induction range cause interference in nearby Cat6 cables?

I am buying a home that is under construction. The developer installed the vertical Cat6 Ethernet and RG6 coaxial cable runs from the basement to the attic in the wall immediately behind where the ...
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3 answers

Clarifying separation of ethernet cables from cables running power (underground)

I have seen a few questions regarding how close ethernet cables can be to power cables without a significant impact on the data. For example: Can I run CAT5/6 cables parallel to electrical cables? ...
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Radio interference , lighting

I recently purchased a new place to me. We have a large horse barn that we pipe FM music to the horses. Last weekend I was in the shop attached to the arena and stalls after dark turned the shop ...
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Turning light on turns power to fire alarm off

I have a ceiling fan connected to a two way switch. When I turn the ceiling fan/light on, the power to the hard wired smoke detector is cut off, whereas turning the fan/light off returns power to the ...
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How can I combine a tv signal from the wall to an amplified antenna into my digital TV?

I am having a very difficult time receiving OTA DTV signals and want to combine a few different antennas. I purchased a splitter that actually combines different signals, and it works, but this is ...
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1 vote
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Reliability of Security+ 2.0 versus Security+ LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

I have a circa 2001 Chamberlain LiftMaster garage door opener that randomly does not respond to wireless remotes (both car remotes and a wireless keypad). This morning I used the wireless keypad to ...
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Hear current draw through AMP?

I have a few computers connected to a mixer, which is connected to an amplifier, which powers two speakers. They are all on the same circuit. I have contractors over building a structure out back and ...
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Is it acceptable to run 22/4 security wire along side Cat6 and Coax cables, or is there any possibility for interference?

Security wire is connected to motion/vibration/magnetic sensors and alarm keypad. Can it disrupt the alarm system? or cause speed/performance loss in the cat 6 transmissions?
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Coax and cat6 close to the main power trunk

I want to run coax (for a cable modem) and cat6 (for a phone connection) from the garage (where my cable and phone boxes are located) to my basement. The garage wall is not drywalled, so I can run ...
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bridge tap and internet connection?

we have a problem with our internet connection. it is not stable and not as fast as it can be... Our provider suggested we contact an electrician to " break" (?) The bridge tap. According to him, it ...
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Two A/C units are close to each other and turning one on turns the other on. How to fix?

I had an Air Con unit installed in the Living Room and another in a bedroom adjacent to the Living Room, both from the same brand. The Air Con units are actually next to each other, and only ...
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What's going on with the electrical wiring (or devices) in this room?

I was soldering components onto a circuit board that was placed on a rubber-like soldering mat on a table. Simultaneously, I was listening to audio from my desktop computer, using wired headphones. ...
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LED Backlight Strips on TV Causing External Speaker Interference

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post a question like this, but here we go. I recently purchased some LED strips for some backlight on my TV. Admittedly, these backlights are of the "...
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