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Questions tagged [interference]

Questions with this tag are about the symptoms, causes and cures of interference, which is defined as an undesirable electrical phenomenon competing with a desirable electrical signal(s).

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How can I combine a tv signal from the wall to an amplified antenna into my digital TV?

I am having a very difficult time receiving OTA DTV signals and want to combine a few different antennas. I purchased a splitter that actually combines different signals, and it works, but this is ...
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1 vote
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Reliability of Security+ 2.0 versus Security+ LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

I have a circa 2001 Chamberlain LiftMaster garage door opener that randomly does not respond to wireless remotes (both car remotes and a wireless keypad). This morning I used the wireless keypad to ...
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What's going on with the electrical wiring (or devices) in this room?

I was soldering components onto a circuit board that was placed on a rubber-like soldering mat on a table. Simultaneously, I was listening to audio from my desktop computer, using wired headphones. ...
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