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For questions about fans used to provide fresh air (make-up air, intake air) to a living or equipment space.

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Entertainment Area is cooling required with this setup? Where to position fans?

I am getting my entertainment area setup and I wanted to get opinions on where I should install intake/exhaust fans and if it would even be required. Within my "nitch" I am going to have an ...
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Is my furnace fresh air intake correctly installed at my apartment?

I have a furnace with an uncovered air intake. I cant imagine it is pulling very much fresh air in through the duct because it is uncovered. I am wondering, is this correct? I believe there should be ...
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Mini Split Condenser in Garage? With ventilation?

I live in a fairly warm and dry environment and due to HOA restrictions am unable to place a window A/C unit, outdoor unit, or a system on the roof. I understand that A/C shouldn't go in attics due to ...
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Can an air-intake fan stop smoke wafting through a brick common wall?

It shouldn't happen but it does. The house next door to a friend's semi-detached house burned. It wasn't a big fire but smoke wafted through the common brick wall, particularly along the joists. And ...
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Fanning outside air into basement apartment

I am refinishing my basement into a 1BR apartment and I happen to have an easy access to intake outside fresh air and fan it into the apartment. I was planning to have one of those standing AC units ...
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Why is my booster fan pulling cold air from outside?

This is my first winter in a house with an oil-heated, forced air system. I noticed my wall vents were pushing out warm air, but the floor cold air return vents were pushing out cool air. I followed ...
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