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shower install schluter & go boards

Using a schluter pan and go boards for the walls . what do I use to water proof between the pan and the resting go board on top of the pan .
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How should I connect a new light fixture with black, white, blue and green wires? [closed]

I have a halogen bathroom fixture with two halogen bulbs. I have one black wire and one white wire from the wall. A dimmer switch activates this fixture, and an overhead can light simultaneously. The ...
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Okay to screw into a vinyl sash?

My new replacement double hung vinyl window sashes were just delivered, and one is missing the locks. There are divots but no holes. I can reuse the locks from the old broken sash, but can I just ...
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Main condensation line drilled and left inside 4"x12" main structural support

Latent defect found by new licensed HVAC technician after original installer of unit said call somebody else. Ten year Carrier warranty now out. Not servicing my area. I called a new company out since ...
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Can I install cultured/stone veneer over exterior foundation wall?

The exposed exterior foundation walls on my home are covered in foam insulation. While practical, it's not the best look, and is also slowly being damaged over time. There is about 2.5 feet from grade ...
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Adding Second Light Switch in Bathroom for Lights

We have in our bathroom one light switch, which controls the bathroom fan and LED lights. The bathroom fan has power and works perfectly however, we installed new wire and connected them with the LED ...
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Workstation sink

Most of the new workstation sinks don’t have a knockout for air gap and don’t accommodate a disposal… what’s the best solution for dishwasher venting?
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why does my expansion tank shoot out water when taking off

New to plumbing here, I was trying to do a DIY and add an expansion tank to my water heater. I noticed it was dripping from the fitting, so I tried to take it off to apply more tapes and pipe dope, ...
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Electric furnace install wiring

I just purchased an MBR1200AA1 with 20kw heat strip from goodman to replace an old furnace from the 70s thats recently gone beyond simple repairs. Want to install it but came across 2 breakers, one ...
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What is the best way to tie into main sewage line when adding ADU with 19 DFUs in California?

I’m adding an ADU in California. Can I connect my sewage from the ADU 18 feet away to the existing line? DFU calculation current sewage from kitchen and bathroom
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How flush should shower tiles be?

The large tile that has been installed do not share a common plane, so the flat faceplate hardware that spans the transition between tiles leaves a gap where water seems like it could potentially ...
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Electrician says existing switches won't work to Install Broan CST80SLW vent fan - correct or not?

I hired an electrician to install my Broan CST80SLW vent fan with light/fan/humidity detector. When he got the old unit out (fan/light wired to two separate switches) he said the new unit could not be ...
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How to attach metal wind catchers to a metal pergola

I've been trying to get the welder who built us our metal pergola to weld a slightly larger tube with a bottom to serve as a holster to place my wind catchers so that they are upright and appear to be ...
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