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How do you store a magnetic base and a dial indicator to prolong their life and retain accuracy?

I'm getting into turning with a lathe, starting small with some decent-used tools from the local ebay(trademe) and some janky chinese-grade tools. But I want to learn Best Practices. Right now I ...
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GFC indicator light is white but no power and won't reset

My old GFCI would not reset, so I replaced it with a Leviton GFCI. Wired it exactly the same way as the old one, indicator light is white which according to the instructions means it's wired correctly,...
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Indicator light works in reverse to light on/off switch

I am trying to add a 7 volt light to remember to turn off cellar lights. Wiring white to white or the reverse-either way, the indicator light goes on & off in reverse of the switch. What have I ...
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GE Stove "Burner On" and "Hot Cooktop" light are staying on

My GE flattop stove "Burner On" and "Hot Cooktop" light are staying on. I already tested the switches on each burner and they all test good. I tested for Ohms and Continuity. I ...
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Notification lamp shuts off if any one of 3 phase supply is lost

I have a 3 phase well pump that I would like to wire up a 120 volt indicator lamp that if any one of the 3 phases that feed the pumps shut down then my lamp will then shut off so I can tell from a ...
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GE electric range "Burner On" indicator burned out

I have a GE electric range (JCB840SK5SS), no more than 18 months old (came with the house and we moved in last year). A few months ago the "Burner On" indicator stopped working. I opened up ...
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Creating a wireless water level indicator and/ or controller [closed]

I wish to create a wireless water level indicator for measuring the level of water in my sump and then making automatic changes to the motor switch to fill the water to the overhead tank. What are the ...
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