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Hurricane Shutters

This porch with windows almost to the ceiling was an addition to the house. The wood at the top is not drilled into anything. It is just sitting against the windows. Is it possible to install ...
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Best permanent female-thread anchor in block construction?

I'm helping a friend install hurricane panels over the windows in their house. These panels are 5/8"-thick extruded clear(ish) plastic sheets, dimensionally similar to 5/8" plywood. These ...
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What can I do to make my galvanized steel shed stronger?

Here are my specs so far for the shed I am getting made. I plan to use it as a shed for my very large tools. It is 40 ft × 24 ft, with 11 ft high walls. It is made from galvanized steel while the ...
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Boarding windows without storm shutters

I bought a house a 5 years ago that has the pegs for storm shutters, but no shutters. See below. My previous house was all brick and we used plylocks. How should I go about boarding this up for a ...
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What type of hurricane protection offers the best ease of deployment?

Seeking lesson-learned from seasoned hurricane survivors: I would like to install hurricane protection for windows / sliding glass doors for multiple properties. The primary consideration is the ease ...
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What are the best practices for taping a window for hurricane protection?

When working with glass windows that have no hurricane protection, I understand it is advisable to tape windows to prevent them from blowing into too many pieces. What are the best practices for ...
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Nets to protect windows from typhoon damage

I'm building a house in a part of Asia where typhoons are common. The houses (including mine) are all built from reinforced concrete. When a typhoon comes, people typically hang nets in front of any ...
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Using extra plywood as stringer for window boards?

Trying to size out some window boards for a hurricane. It's actually two questions but the stringer is the main one. I have a section of windows that is roughly 14' x 4'6". Given a sheet of plywood ...
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Can hurricane shutters be installed horizontally?

Looking at the photos at this site, it appears that they are able to be installed horizontally. Do you have to use a track or can you drill into the shutters and then Tapcon them to the masonry? I ...
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Choosing Hurricane Shutters

In Florida, it is now officially hurricane season. I am in the market for aluminum hurricane shutters. However, I do have some questions. Home Depot offers aluminum shutters that are either 48 inches ...
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