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Mystery box double tapped on dryer circuit

I had a home inspection done and he commented that there was a double tapped circuit on a breaker which is typically a no-no. The extra wires just go to this little box which doesn't seem to have any ...
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4 answers

GFCI trips constantly for 4 days, now resets okay

CH panel with 40 year old GFCI feeding 2 outdoor outlets and 8 indoor outlets. Nothing is plugged into any outlet. For 4 days I could not reset after trip (it immediately tripped again). Now it seems ...
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Is it possible to dump wastewater from shower and sinks to the soil if we only use biodegradable products (Quebec/Ontario)?

Is is possible to dump waste water from showers and sinks directly into the ground using pierced pipes with siphons somewhere near the property as long as we only use washing products which are ...
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How do I repair the rotted wood in the exterior of my house?

I am planning to hire a professional to repair the wood that rotted that is shown at the center of the photo below. What kind of a professional or a trade should I hire? Thanks in advance. Added on ...
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