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*SOS Window replacement in old house (1890)

I have a very old house, to repair anything is a pain in the ass/impossible. This problem: 2 sets of windows on walls adjacent to each other each the same setup/dimension. Each window "set" ...
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What can I do about a rental house that shakes in the wind? [closed]

My house is new. I rent. It was built in the past yr. We have 2 stories up plus basement. The back of our home is completely flat and the backyard is kinda big an open since it is a new subdivision. ...
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I'm plumbing up a tiny house and the homeowner bought a gravity flush RV toilet, does it need a ptrap under it? [closed]

Thanks in advance for your assistance! So I've never installed an RV style toilet, and I can see that when you push the pedal it's a straight shot down the drain, and I don't know if it holds water in ...
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Polycarbonate exterior wall on steel frame building [closed]

I'm doing some research on constructing a steel framed house. I initially thought aluminum sheets would be cheaper and lighter than steel. But polycarbonate sheets would be even lighter, cheaper and ...
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wiring in interior wall

I needed a few more inches of wire on an existing run that I was putting adding a junction box. The wires are in the attic running down inside interior wall for outlets. I pulled on the wire hoping to ...
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Should humidity levels in my attic be the same as outdoors?

In my attic should the moisture level be the same as outside? I’m in Canada so what should the moisture levels be during the seasons?
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How to remove the glass globe to clean it?

I want to clean this glass globe but I have no idea about how to remove it. Any suggestions?
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How can I fix an uneven door threshold?

Is there any way to fix my door threshold? The builder quality is very low and they have ruined this house. I own it so I have to get it fixed because this looks so ugly. My project manager said they ...
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service entrance cable partially underground

I have a 25’ run from an outdoor meter panel to a 200 amp home main breaker box, two phase. About 5’ of the run is through heavy conduit underground, into the basement. I have a lot of aluminum 4/0-...
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Burned Outlet and burned and lo frayed wires is this safe to put a new outlet

Me and my dad are fixing a burnt outlet and when we opened it we found out that the wires were frayed and burned is it safe to rewire these to the new outlet. So apparently the tenant said that he ...
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Driveway Concrete Help

New here. I wonder if anyone here can help me with supplies, dimensions, type of concrete, rebar type, and other things I will need to fill in a driveway area with concrete. Story: So, when I bought ...
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New home owner in the north east US. Love this tree but wondering if it needs cut down or how to maintain

Here are some pictures Thanks for any thoughts or advice! (the deck is on the to do list)
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Do I replace or repair rotted board in 100 year-old house?

I have removed plaster and lath on the inside of an exterior wall of a 100 year old house in preparation for spray foam insulation. Two of the boards are partly rotted. See pictures. Everything else ...
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Old switch is missing a wire connection

There are two light fixtures in the bathroom. Switch on the left works to switch the light fixture on wall (that is OK). I am confused how the right switch should be wired to control the ceiling ...
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Gap in house or foundation

There is a gap in my house, and it brings up fear that something is wrong. I haven't asked a local foundation expert yet. This is normally behind some siding. Due to some basement flooding, I was ...
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Why are my kitchen and dining room outlets randomly going dead?

No recent wiring changes/additions, etc. Refrig is on its own circuit. Dining outlets on another. They both go out (after flickering several seconds in unison) no breakers tripped. After an hour they ...
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Do handles on exterior steel doors need sealed from rain?

I have a storm door on my front door, but not on our new mudroom addition. Do I need to worry about rain water getting behind the handle and rusting the hole that was cut in the door?
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What are these small white bugs all over my house and how do I get rid of them? [closed]

What are the small white bugs that are often found on black surfaces in my house? They are very smaller than ants. They seem to be all over the items in the house (Not only on black surfaces but ...
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No vent in my cabin and smell septic tank

I have a cabin without a vent on the roof for the drain pipe. We have a concrete septic tank also without any vent. My water drains correctly inside but we have some smell in my bathroom. Does anybody ...
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Should I cover my crawl space vents?

I wonder whether I need to close my crawl space vent or not. I have three vents in different areas of the crawl space. The vents have wire net. What I mean by cover is completely closing off the vent. ...
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Home siding blown off by strong wind. Wood and housewrap exposed

The vinyl siding on one side of my house has been blown off by strong wind. The housewrap and wood have been exposed. Could I leave it exposed like this under rain or snow? I am not sure what material ...
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Mystery box double tapped on dryer circuit

I had a home inspection done and he commented that there was a double tapped circuit on a breaker which is typically a no-no. The extra wires just go to this little box which doesn't seem to have any ...
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GFCI trips constantly for 4 days, now resets okay

CH panel with 40 year old GFCI feeding 2 outdoor outlets and 8 indoor outlets. Nothing is plugged into any outlet. For 4 days I could not reset after trip (it immediately tripped again). Now it seems ...
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Is it possible to dump wastewater from shower and sinks to the soil if we only use biodegradable products (Quebec/Ontario)?

Is is possible to dump waste water from showers and sinks directly into the ground using pierced pipes with siphons somewhere near the property as long as we only use washing products which are ...
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How do I repair the rotted wood in the exterior of my house?

I am planning to hire a professional to repair the wood that rotted that is shown at the center of the photo below. What kind of a professional or a trade should I hire? Thanks in advance. Added on ...
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