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Anti-siphon spigot dripping from unique downward-facing port

Dripping anti-siphon spigot with unique design Hi all - I recently bought a house and noticed a slow drip coming from the spigot in the back yard. The spigot appears to be a discontinued Arrowhead ...
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4 answers

Why can't I connect a hose to this outdoor faucet?

I am having trouble fitting a vacuum breaker (or even a hose) with 3/4in FHT into my hose bib. The threading seems compatible, but I am not able to screw them all the way in- and the connection leaks. ...
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How do I repair this frost free anti-siphon faucet?

The anti-siphon cap on top leaks a lot of water when the faucet is turned on. I removed the black plastic cap and unscrewed the white plastic "plug" and found the small (1/4" - 3/8&...
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How can I repair a permanent push connect hose bibb that's leaking?

The previous hose bibb in my backyard was leaking so I decided to replace entirely. I sweated it off and thought I cleaned the copper pipe properly before installing a new push to connect bibb. I got ...
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Is this hose bib fixable from the outside?

I have a hose bib that is leaking from the spout. I removed the handle in an effort to replace the washer on the stem, but the inside did not look like I was expecting. I have two questions: Is this ...
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New vacuum breaker drips after shutting off the hose and releasing water off the hose

In my garage, I have a faucet with anti-siphon valve. I believe they call it vacuum breaker. Since it was leaking when I turn on the faucet, I replaced it. It stopped leaking with new valve but when I ...
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