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Does a wifi based gas line monitor exists that I can hook up between my wall and gas cooking stove? [closed]

I live in a rental apartment and I have a gas stove in the kitchen. It is pretty old but works fine, and I am unable to replace it because I am renting the place. My problem is I have a roommate who ...
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Separate furnace energy usage from other appliances?

I am looking to reduce my utility bills. It only makes sense if I know what my current energy usage (natural gas, electricity, etc) is for a given applicance (furnace, water heater, etc) before ...
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Are there home radon detectors that meet specific testing criteria? [closed]

This is just an overall question about home radon detectors. Where 10 years ago a topic like this might have seemed off topic (radon detection services sent specimen to labs - charcoal kits). It ...
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