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Heater will not shut off when it reaches desired temperature

I am just noticing this running the heat. If I set the thermostat to 70 it will run and run and the temperature reads 70 but the unit does not shut off. If I turn it up to 72 and then when it reaches ...
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Gas / baseboard heating should be on but it's not -- how to investigate?

This is my first Winter in this house and I've just realized that I can't make the heat turn on. The home has natural gas heating and baseboard vents. There's no A/C or other units; just baseboard ...
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Should I COMPRESS fiberglass OR use foam insulation?

I have a room made of hollowed concrete blocks that I framed by mounting 2x4s, wide side against the wall. This gives me a 1.5in depth cavity to fill with insulation. Should I use an r19 fiberglass ...
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