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How can I remove blackened water stains from a hardwood floor?

We have several large (3' x 6') blackened areas on our hardwood floor where water damage occurred. This discoloration goes deep. Our goal is to sand the floors and apply a clear coat, but we first ...
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Low-cost hardwood flooring... what's the catch?

Genuine hardwood flooring is generally quite expensive... but a few local stores have glue-down hardwood planks that are actually cheaper than mid-priced laminate (~$1.80/sf). What's the catch? The ...
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How can I transition between tile and slightly higher wood flooring? [duplicate]

My living room used to have laminate flooring and I'm switching to 5/8" engineered hardwood. There is a transition from the tiles to this floor. The tile will be a little lower than the new floor....
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What is the recommended technique for refinishing hardwood floors?

I have old hardwood floors in my home that I'd like to refinish myself. I'm ok with all sorts of manual labor, but I'd like to know the preferred method for refinishing them without damaging my walls ...
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What are these spongy/soft spots on my hardwood floor?

The house I recently bought has hardwood floors, but I've noticed that some spots are spongy when I walk over them. There is visible downward flex in certain spots to an observer of someone walking ...
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Hardwood floors cupping even after replacement

Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a flooring expert or installer, I am a homeowner looking for answers. About 3 years ago, my home was built in southern Louisiana with reclaimed/antique pine ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How to fix hardwood floor with wear from an office chair

I currently have a hardwood floor that is worn down by an office chair and it needs to be fixed, optimally without having to do the whole floor with a floor sander. As you can see in this photo: the ...
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2 answers

How to diminish the appearance of a stain on hardwood floor?

A few years ago, some liquid (red wine or water from a plant) leaked on my hardwood floor (cherry). It took several months before we noticed it because it was under a carpet. This little incident left ...
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How to drill a hole in the wood without an electric drill?

During a travel in Laos, I need to drill some holes into a double-door's wood to install a locker. The wood is rather hard, and I don't have an electric drill (and can't find it). I only have 2 small ...
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What's the best way to repair this hardwood floor damage?

Does anyone have any better solutions for dealing with my hardwood floor damage than what I describe below? Below is a picture of my bathroom floor. Water has apparently damaged it from a toilet leak ...
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2 answers

What kind of joint is the best for joining wooden countertops?

I am installing a wall-to-wall desk in my office, which wraps around on one side. One side is 10'-9", and the other is 3'-8". The material is two lengths of oak butcher-block: 8'-2" x 25" x 1-1/8" ...
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Why don't I see more progress when sanding my stair treads?

Doing some DIY around the house, any suggestions would greatly help. I want to refinish my indoor steps and railing(sand and repaint) When i am trying to sand the steps its very hard to sand it, ...
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Should I refinish hardwood floor with scratches?

I am in a process to to get my hardwood refinished. The floor have few deep scratches and is of oak type hardwood. My question is: 1) Stain or not to Stain ? Is it a good idea to stain the ...
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How to support hardwood floors with no existing subfloors to prevent squeaking in 100-year-old home

This is a follow up question to this old thread: Replacing hardwood floor in 100 year old house with no subfloor The house has hardwood floors installed directly on floor joists and the floors are ...
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For new construction, which flooring is greener: laminate or engineered?

For new construction, which flooring is greener, an engineered hardwood or a laminate.
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HELP - hardwood oak floor warping dramatically, how to remediate?

Hey stackexchange community, Not necessarily a DIY question- but thought I’d ask just in case, since we’re a little desperate. We have a fairly dramatic case of hardwood floor wood warping currently ...
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How do I fix up an unfinished, oil-stained pine table?

I have an unfinished, salvaged natural hardwood, pine table, similar to the Restoration Hardware salvaged wood trestle table. I spilled some olive oil on it and then did something worse -- tried to ...
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Butchers Block Finishes

I recently purchased a Beech butchers block from homedepot to use as my standing desk surface. I am trying to understand how to finish it. I've read through a some articles and watched a couple of ...
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