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A channel at the eaves or on the roof of a building, for carrying off rain water.

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How to prevent heavy rainwater from jumping the gutter?

During heavy rain, the water collects from my second floor roof and runs onto the first floor roof as it should. The problem is that since all this water is now concentrated from the second floor ...
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How do I stop the dripping noise from my gutters?

It has just recently started raining where I live, and I am new to this house. When the rain ceases and the water is dripping from the gutters through the drain, I can hear the dripping from inside ...
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16 votes
2 answers

What are the pros and cons of installing a roof heating cable?

Had some roof work done last year after mother nature abused my house by way of an errant tree branch. I had always suspected my roof had poor ventilation, most notably when I wound up with a 200 lb ...
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How can I prevent water from getting behind the gutter?

A friend of mine is having a water problem; the water is coming down behind the gutter. It turns out the drip edge isn't covering up the gutter completely on the one side for a considerable length of ...
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How can I close and seal an abandoned downspout opening?

I need to relocate the downspout indicated in the picture below. How do I seal the opening that will be left after I relocate it ? (I will post a separate question about how to redo the slope of the ...
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What is the safe/correct way to work on gutters? From a ladder or from the roof?

I am very comfortable working on the gutters (usually just cleaning them) from one story up by just sitting on the roof. I do this on my own home over the garage and at my parents one-story home. I ...
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How can I quiet a noisy downspout? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I stop the dripping noise from my gutters? I have metal downspouts that come down from by gutters. One of them happens to be right by my bedroom window. When the rain ...
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What are my gutter guard options?

As I mentioned in a prior post, I'm planning to add some gutters to my house. I see that there's wide variety of gutter guards available and was curious which ones are better? As far as I can tell,...
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How can I clean out my gutters while still on the ground?

My roof is taller than I'm comfortable getting on a ladder. I've got a couple weeds/trees starting to grow in them. Is there a tool that would somehow let me scrape or use water-pressure to clean the ...
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How do I fix gutter nails that are coming out?

Many houses in my neighborhood are about 5 years old and are experiencing similar problems with their gutters. The nails holding them up are pulling out little by little. A couple homeowners had ...
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How can I prevent water from running behind my gutters and under shingles near a wall?

I've been troubleshooting some issues have been having with water getting into my basement. Today I took a hose out to try and find out how water is getting behind my gutters and believe I found some ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Gutter pitch configuration

I have a shed withe following gutter/downspout configuration: The problem at the moment is that there is standing water in all of the gutters. The gutters are not sagging, but they are perfectly ...
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I need to change the slope of my gutters. What do I need to know for this?

My questions are at the bottom of the post Here is the picture that shows what I am trying to do The gutters are attached to the My questions: -in order to correct the slope would it be enough ...
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Is this Gutter install right?

Today, I found my home has a gutter install as below: My question is: The hanger screw has penetrate through the metal drip edge and gutter the fascia (cover), is it right? I am thinking it should ...
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Water leaking behind gutters

I'm a new homeowner and found that water is getting behind my gutters and was hoping someone may have a solution for me. Here's the gutter: Edit: Additional pictures below Video here: https://i....
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Standing water in gutters

I have a 1 car garage shed with gutters around the roof. There are two downspouts, both on the same side of the structure (there is an alley on one side so both drain into the alley). I was up on the ...
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3 answers

Water dripping from soffit - problem with the gutter, roof, or something else?

We recently bought a house that has gutter guards installed. I noticed during heavy rain storms, water drips from the front of parts of the gutters, and ends up dripping onto the porch underneath as ...
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Sloping ditch for corrugated pipe

I would like to bridge a 80 foot corrugated pipe into an existing section. While digging the ditch to for the 80 foot section. Is there any ditch \ trench techniques or tools to ensure that at any ...
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