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Does anyone have a guide to clearing out an untouched basement? [closed]

I'm helping get a home situation resorted and calling a plumber to help look at someone's basement. But it's filthy down there. Not the worst I've ever seen by a long shot but clearly no ventilation, ...
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Remove tv plaform on metal guides from old tv armoire

I have an armoire originally used to hold an old style TV. I want to remove a platform that was to hold the TV. The platform is wood and on metal, ball bearing, guides so that the tv could be pulled ...
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How to replace a watch battery? [closed]

I'm trying to replace the battery of my watch, but I can't work out how to take off the back cover, to get to the battery? (see photo) I've Googled on how to remove the back cover of watches, but it ...
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What is the name for a lateral band saw guide: one that guides wood forward at a set distance from the blade

What is the name for a lateral band saw guide: one that guides wood forward at a set distance from the blade ? I want to cut strips from a long flat strip of wood (ripping rather than a cross-cut)
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What's this JML thing in my house?

I have seen these things in various walls around my house and I am just wondering what the heck they are??? reverse image search showed no useful results so now I here asking for the help of stack ...
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What do you call this thick washer-type part?

I have been going through many parts that I have recently gotten ahold of. However, I don't know what many are or what they do. I ran into this steel part: It is 0.565 in tall, with an inner diameter ...
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What do you call the piece that holds a router bit's guide wheel in place?

In the pic below, there's a black ring that holds the bearing guide wheel in place against the router bit. I need another one of those so I can position the guide wheel higher up on the shank. ...
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What can I use as a guide for my circular saw if I need to rip an 8' segment out of a sheet of plywood?

I need to cut some plywood down to size and it will require that I take it down from a 4'-wide sheet to 30" wide. This means I will need to find a saw guide that will support a steady, 8' rip from ...
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