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Mountain top drainage issue

We live atop a large hill and due to how the driveway is I constantly have water and mud on top of a small area of my driveway. This area is supposed to be a low area to care water down the driveway ...
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Best way to seal underground bore pipe which is in a pit

I have a closed bore pipe whose width is 6 inches and the pipe goes upto 30 feet deep. The bore pipe is in a pit whose depth is 6 feet. I have other drainage pits whose water level is 1 to 2 feet from ...
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How can I use 8' chain link terminal posts for a 6' fence?

My sister bought some material so I could build her a chain link fence. I never built one before and don’t know what exact measurements would I need. She wants a 6ft fence so she bought the mesh as ...
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Depth of gravel base for small walkway

I'm planning to build a small walkway (4' × 6') using concrete pavers. This will get walked on a fair bit as it's near the entrance we use most often. Other than that, nothing will be sitting on it. I'...
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Re-leveling a 12x16 shed on gravel

I've got a 3 yr old 12x16 shed on a gravel pad. I put down driveway cloth, then 4" #2 stone- tamped and drove a machine over it for a bit-- then added 4" of crusher run and repeated. My ...
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How to lay gravel on graded underlayment?

I am pouring concrete to make a small staircase (5 steps, 8x10" each) over ground underlayment. Since the grade is something like 40 degrees, the gravel rolls down hill and accumulates in the ...
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Using edging where people walk across

I'm building a gravel patio inside my U-shaped gravel driveway. I will be using two different kinds of gravel, so I need a separator at the border to prevent the mixing of the two types of gravel. If ...
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How to choose fabric and gravel for retaining wall

I want to build a 15ft long retaining wall which is located at the bottom of a slope, surrounded with springs, against the fence. In searching for materials I have no idea which fabric I should choose ...
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Put down gravel before or after winter snow?

I am putting down gravel as a drive at a lakefront cabin in Upper Michigan. The soil is sandy and I do not need a formal driveway, just a drive path. With lots of snow coming in winter, is it better ...
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