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How can I prevent water from pooling against my foundation and patio pad?

When I purchased my house the builder flipped the stairs and grilling deck. I can’t figure a way to fix the grade issue at the bottom of the stairs and along the back wall. The steps lead to an ...
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Is this a proper way to drain water from flat area under deck so it does not penetrate basement wall?

I have a flat area under a 6 by 30 ft deck in front of my split level house. I am currently replacing the deck boards on this (Pictures are below). The soil underneath this deck is relatively flat and ...
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Increasing grade next to house

Our house is built into a small hill, leaving a section of our basement exposed with both a small garage and a people door leading to the driveway. There are several (3-4) courses of block above the ...
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How thick does the impermeable layer need to be when grading a yard?

I'm grading my yard and have found a deep layer of sand (at least 2 ft) extending out about 10ft. Perhaps the sub base for a patio? I understand I need an impermeable layer to ensure rain runs away ...
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Will inspectors require a fix for pre-existing grading issues as I replace siding around an old house?

I am re-siding and probably re-sheathing a portion of my house. The house includes a carport framed in and converted to living space where the existing slab is only ~1" above grade. From what I'...
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Grading a Patio in a Corner

This is a follow-up question to this post: How would you grade this patio? What if instead of running a 1/32" per foot along the red lines (East to West) for the full run, I leveled off after 10 ...
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Building Concrete patio against the house with sunken family room for proper drainage

Just acquired this house with challenging problems. When the house was built, the builder didn't care for grading the lot appropriately. One of the rooms in the back of the house is below grade and ...
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What is the best way to excavate the ground for a ground-level deck?

I am building a ground level deck. We have a bilevel, so our house is on a slab at the ground floor (no basement). There is about a 15° grade away from the back door to the yard. I have all the ...
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Grading over asphalt and concrete walkway

My house is in a small city lot, it's a 1924 Craftsman with a concrete block foundation. On the north side of our house, between the wall and a fence line, the previous owner had asphalt over the ...
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