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How do I screen in a roofless deck on a budget?

I'm a first time home buyer. My townhouse will come with a deck off the kitchen door, that is 10x10, no roof over top but with one side having a privacy divider. I would like to potentially get ...
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Replace fabric roof on gazebo for metal or hard top material

I have a a steel frame gazebo with ripped canopy. Therefore, I was thinking of replacing the canopy with hard top. I have started my research and I arrived at these options 1- Ondura corrugated panel (...
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Anchoring a10x12gazebo from big lots

Setting a 12x10 metal hard top gazebo in an existing 12x12 area set with 12 inch pavers. Will the pavers work to anchor it down.If not looking for ideas. Thank you
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Freestanding Patio Cover Beam Size

Trying to build something like this but with a 16ft span: I'd like to build a slope roof patio cover ...
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What size posts are needed for a triangular pavilion?

I'm building a triangular pavilion that will be 18x24x30ft with a 1 foot overhang. The roof will be corrugated metal and the wood will be western red cedar. The posts will be anchored to concrete ...
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Wooden garden house infested with small white mites

The wooden gazebo/house is infested with white small bugs. See the picture. Are they wooden mites? Are they harmless or? How would be best way to get rid of them? Structure is next to small pond so ...
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Can I put a gazebo on top of an elevated paver patio?

I have a pretty tall (almost 4 ft tall) patio deck where the top is pavers. I'd like to get new outdoor furniture but I'd like to put it under a gazebo. Is it odd to put a gazebo on top of a patio ...
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