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How to easily fill a gas can at a modern gas pump?

I have 2.5 and 5 gallon gas cans that I use to fuel engines for various home improvement projects: lawn mower, weed whacker, chainsaw, electrical generator, post auger, pressure washer, etc. I fill up ...
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Gasoline Storage [closed]

I have gasoline stored in a metal drum. The Drum is up on wooden horses. The drum is grounded with a heavy wire and connected to a copper rod into the ground. I assume a lightning strike nearby could ...
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How to get a gasoline odor out of my shed?

My shed reeks of Gasoline, (because, you know, it was used as a shed), I don't have a very large backyard, and so I'm happy using my push mower which doesn't use any Gasoline. I'd like my Shed to ...
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2-stroke snow blower only starting/running with NON-mix fuel?

I was given a Toro snowblower with not much information from the original owner except a vague "the wrong fuel was put in it so I was told it was ruined" explanation. The cap on the fuel tank says it'...
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What are my chances to revive a (gasoline) pressure washer after ~ten years?

About eleven years ago, I bought a gasoline-powered pressure washer, and used it for some days to clean the driveway and house walls. Then it sat for 10 years, unused, unmaintained. What are the ...
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Is gasoline usable after being stored in a Rubbermaid trash can?

I had a fuel leak in a generator gas tank. To fix it I needed, quickly, to drain the gas and had no available cans (in Florida, all are full pending Irma). I had a clean Brute trash can I had used (...
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Is there a safe, ethical, way to get rid of old gas?

Normally I'm pretty good about buying just enough at the beginning of the spring. Last year my grass continued to grow into December so I ended up with nearly a gallon of extra gas. I don't feel ...
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What should I do after topping up the oil in a lawn mower with petrol by mistake

I am house-sitting for my parents and I tried to cut the grass. In summary, I accidentally topped up the oil (thinking it was petrol, and running low) with a load of petrol. It took 10 mins of trying ...
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Adding gas/oil mixture into unmixed gas tank?

My wife accidentally added about a cup of gas/oil mixture (50:1) into our lawn mower which takes unmixed fuel. If she fills the rest of the tank with regular gas will there be any problems? Do I have ...
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Is pre-mixed ethanol-free fuel better than mixing yourself?

I just invested in a very nice 2-cycle string trimmer and I want it to last. I have always used stabilizer in my fuel for my 4-cycle lawn mower. I know that ethanol attracts moisture and the ...
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how to fix a lawn mower that leaks gas

My father-in-law handed down a fairly new Craftsman lawn vacuum that has a 6.75 Briggs and Stratton engine. When we put gas in it, it leaked all over the place. We took off the air filter and the gas ...
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What could happen if I use 2 cycle fuel in a 4 cycle engine?

First off, this is NOT to be confused with the following question: What could happen if I used 4 cycle fuel in a 2 cycle engine? 2 cycle oil is used for my weed eater. There is no way I could use a ...
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How should I drain fuel from my mower?

I have a Honda lawn mower (HRX217K2VKA) and I want to drain the fuel for winter. How should I do this? Three options spring to mind: Run the engine until the fuel is gone. Tip the mower to pour the ...
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