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Is having a gas stove with a recirculating hood a bad idea? [closed]

We currently have an electric stove and a recirculating hood (microhood), and we don't like either. Ideally, we'd go for a gas stove and a proper venting hood. However, adding a venting hood is tricky ...
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Please recommend rust solution for old gas stove with pilot light

Please let me know if you see concerning rust and what might fix it.stove photo
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How can I clean a gas oven's cabinet of rodent debris?

We found mouse droppings in the house and got a pest control company to use poison baits to get rid of it. We have cleared the house of the droppings. However, we found droppings in the gas oven ...
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Does a wifi based gas line monitor exists that I can hook up between my wall and gas cooking stove? [closed]

I live in a rental apartment and I have a gas stove in the kitchen. It is pretty old but works fine, and I am unable to replace it because I am renting the place. My problem is I have a roommate who ...
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Maytag MGS5770adw burner doesn't spark when its own knob is turned, but does for the other three knobs

I have a Maytag oven/range MGS5770adw. One of the burners does not power the igniter for any of the four burners when its own knob is turned to ignite, but gas does flow as I can light with a match. ...
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Whirlpool range burner gas flow too low- Is the nut inside the burner adjustable? Does it increase gas pressure?

My front burner has low gas flow (pressure?) compared to the two back burners. The low flame setting is great, but when turning up the flame, it achieves maximum power at medium and no additional ...
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How does this stove gas valve work?

What is it called and what does it do? Is there a way to know if gas is available? This bottom of the pipe leads to a stove.
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Easiest way to test propane fireplace and tank before sale?

I want to sell a freestanding propane fireplace that came with the house I bought. I'll be replacing it with a wood-burning insert, and the house uses electric heat otherwise, no other propane used. I ...
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Old Whirpool gas stove: thermocouples randomly stop working as soon as I put the lid on

Part 1: Old Whirpool gas stove mystically stops making spark when I put the cover on Well, few days ago I posted a question (see the link above) where I had a problem with getting spark when I put the ...
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