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Raising artificial grass above ground (concrete) to help drainage: PVC Screening or wet room drainage mat roll?

We have a small enclosed concrete garden that we converted into a living space for our two rabbits. We laid artificial grass down directly on the concrete, but when it rains it gets very waterlogged. ...
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Is it ok to use fiberglass insulation to insulated a garden hose for winter?

I'm off grid using a garden hose for running water. Would it be okay for me to wrap fiberglass insulation around the garden hose to hopefully prevent it from freezing this winter? I plan on putting ...
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How should I stop the terrace garden from ruining the terrace [closed]

My terrace is covered with white colour cooling tile to prevent heat from dissipating into the below floor. I have bought 18 flower pots and vegetable seeds to make the garden. I noticed that there's ...
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Should I lay artificial grass over pavers or sand?

We have limestone paving slabs throughout our entire garden but I'm hoping to do some artificial grass now in an area to break it up a bit. The slabs are 22mm thick. My question is, shall I just lay ...
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R11 rated porcelain tiles for outdoor use

I across the idea of "Anti-Slip Tile Ratings and Grades". Has anyone had R11 rated Porcelain tiles installed outdoors? I am interested to know if they are safe to use in the UK where it ...
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Best way to repair ripped parasol fabric?

I have a parasol whose fabric has ripped in a couple of places at the point where the metal spokes push against the canopy to make it spread out; here's the side (and closeup) where the fabric is ...
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How to install edging slabs to concrete pour

I plan to pour a concrete slab for a 10x12ft shed. To try and soften the edges, I was planning on getting some standard paveing edgers as a surround to the conceret pour. My plan for the concrete pour ...
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How do I stop wire rope from losing tension?

I have recently set up wire rope to support my installation of retractable sail shades. My setup is as follows: I connected 2 ropes in parallel that run from the back of my house to fence posts. ...
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What is this garden bench made from?

I am looking to fix up this bench and trying to order replacement wood, but what type of wood is it? It looks to me like white oak. Or is it just faded in the sun? Any tips would be greatly ...
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Is there an specific correct way to split PEX connections?

I currently have a hose bibb on one corner of my house, and want to install one on each corner. We have 3/4" pex under the house, and I am wondering if there is a correct way that the connection ...
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