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Gable Attic Fan(s) Not Working

I am trying to replace a gable attic fan that came up on our home inspection as being defective. I am having a bit of an issue though. I have purchased and installed two different fans now of two ...
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Are Gable vents needed on bothe ends to be effective

One side of a colonial does not have a gable vents and the other side does the side without vent the siding doesn't hold.paint as well would installing a gable vents be helpful
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How should I do the soffit on this 200sq ft addition? [closed]

200 sq ft addition, gable roof. Siding is fiber cement. Contractor who bailed already installed the same siding to be used as the fascia. Separately, there is the pop-out below the future soffit - ...
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Do I need a temporary support wall while putting a header in a gable end wall?

I am currently adding a picture window to an existing gable end wall. This gable end wall is part of a room with a cathedral/vaulted ceiling. I know how to frame it with king studs, a header, jacks, ...
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Joining 2 sides of a gable roof gutter system for rainwater collection? [closed]

A house we're in the process of buying has a North/South facing Gable roof with gutters on both sides and a downspout in each of the 4 corners. Are there any options, or sense, in somehow joining the ...
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To add soffits vents or not

I am in the process of getting a new roof and the roofer suggested that I should add soffit vents. This is a 1970s era home that has large gables on the sides. Please note on the higher level of the ...
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How to frame gable ends above top plate?

10'x16' insulated off grid "cabin" build. I want to use gable vents for my ventilation because it seems way simpler than a ride beam and soffit vents. I have a post centered on each 10" ...
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Can I remove these rafter ties? what else can go?

I have a standard 2 car garage (20 feet by 20 feet) built in 1948 with some interesting roof structure. There appears to 5 rafter ties which are separated by 4 ft for the first pair then 2 ft for the ...
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Does a leger board for a vaulted ceiling need to be beveled?

I'm designing a bathroom addition to my house. Due to existing roof lines, the ceiling will be vaulted to give more interior space on one side while maintaining minimum headroom on the other and not ...
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How to replace bottom of a gable wall

I have a small gable wall that has my front door and a window. The roof comes out from the main portion of the house. The bottom of the gable wall is in really bad shape. They used a 2x4 as the sill ...
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About to drill large holes in exterior walls --- will UK building regs be a problem?

I want to install a vent for loft ventilation and also install a sun tunnel through a gable wall, to help light a severely under-illuminated upstairs room (not going with a window, for reasons of ...
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Should I install soffit or gable venting with a 3:12 pitch roof?

Been trying to find a reputable and concrete answer as to what type of ventilation we should use on our ranch house that has a 3/12 pitch shingled roof. The house is located in the Cincinnati Ohio ...
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Electrical: Replace light switch with smart switch, odd wiring question

I have a very simple switch attached to my attic fan. Between the switch and the fan is a temperature sensor that will only trigger the fan when the attic is hot enough. I’d like to replace the ...
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Bathroom fan venting to attic gable screen

I've read many of the other questions about venting thru gable, but this seems slightly different. I discovered my upstairs bathroom fan is venting to the gable vent. Not ideal, I know, but may be ok ...
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2 angle braces on attic of a gable roof

My house in Northern California has a gable roof. In the attic, there are two 2x4 angle braces (one at each gable end) that connect from the ceiling joist (gable-end) to the ridge board (mid-span). ...
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How can I increase airflow through an attic without soffit vents?

My house does not have soffit vents. The overhang at the eaves is too small. The ceiling leaks were sealed up by an HVAC company about 10 years ago. They also blew in insulation to an R30 level in the ...
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How to size a header for 3 openings along (non load bearing?) wall

We are reconfiguring the doors/windows along an exterior wall under the gable end. The original house had several windows and a 6' slider on that wall, all utilizing flat 2x4 headers. We are going ...
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Can I replace a window in a garage gable wall without adding a modern header?

So, I have an older construction home (1948, a great year for lumber in MN) with a detached garage connected to the breezeway. The garage roof structure has rafters and collar ties with two storage ...
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What to look out for when installing a gable attic vent?

My attic needs better ventilation. On one end of the attic it terminates to a room that has a cathedral ceiling, and the other end of the attic terminates at an exterior wall (the main gable). It is ...
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Ridge Vents vs Gable Vents Energy Savings as a Percentage or $ Figure

I am having a new roof installed and there is an additional item Ridge Vents that I can add to the home - I currently have Gable Vents - no sofits. I understand that the gables need to be blocked and ...
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