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What is this green stuff on the fountain?

If it matters, I'm west-coast USA. I have this water fountain: I'd like to clean it to remove this green stuff on it, but I don't know what it is. I'd also like to remove the white around where the ...
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How to keep standing water our of old cement pond/fountain

We are renting a property that has an empty cement pond/waterfall feature in the front yard. Its about 5 feet wide and a 1.5 feet deep. Removing the pond is not an option. My concern is standing water ...
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Can I use a GFCI receptacle to feed a hardwired fountain pump? [closed]

Question about a fountain pump… The fountain pump will be hardwired. Is it okay by code to feed a GFCI receptacle (line side) from the circuit breaker and then wire load side to the pump. Will this ...
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how can I fix the water flow from large cantera fountain

I have a large cantera ( stone) fountain that is a huge 4' bowl with a rounded edge. The water flows off the edge and follows the contour of the bowl down to the holding trough. The makers of the ...
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How to level a concrete fountain base on a concrete surface?

I made a concrete slab to house my concrete fountain. The problem is the concrete fountain base wobbles on top of the slab. The concrete fountain itself came with plastic shims that I put in place. ...
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How can I make an outdoor water feature/fountain out of concrete?

I am looking to create a trough-like basin for two water features I want to place in my yard. I don't consider this to be in the landscaping/gardening department since I am working with concrete. My ...
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