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Old garage conversion to ADU: insulation question

I have a 2 x 4 framed garage. Years ago I insulated it with R13 fiberglass batts. Then I wrapped the whole garage in 1 inch EPS (R4), and put T1-11 over it. This worked just fine when it was a shop....
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Fill gaps between vinyl window and aluminum frame with expanding foam?

I'm trying to re-trim a corner window in the kitchen. I'm not familiar with window terminology, so my apologies in advance. It's a double paned window set into an aluminum frame. I've owned the house ...
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Filling in holes between brick wall and interior window frame

So my partner and I are working to restore an old interior brick wall (about 100 years old). We have stripped off the plaster and cleared out all the loose, crumbling mortar in some sections of the ...
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Foam sealant around plumbing fixtures in new home, okay to keep as is and/or how should I make this look more finished?

We moved not too long ago and there's this foam (not sure if this might be spray foam?) sealing around several plumbing fixtures (like under the kitchen sink in the picture below) as well as a handful ...
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How to keep the foam backing in place, to fix a gap by bathroom faucet

There is a large-ish gap by the bathtub faucet. I planned to do it myself, without having to remove any plumbing parts (which is out of my ability level). I bought foam backing rod, which I plan to ...
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Should I feel the seams of 9mm underlay foam on a swimming pool below the new liner?

I have just had my liner changed with all the installer recommendations. The day after the pool was filled, I noticed that were the underlay has been taped together is visible and there is a ...
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How to waterproof foam and pipes coming up through concrete ground

I have a bundle of foam and pipes coming up through the concrete ground in my backyard for my HVAC equipment. There is no conduit and the pipes and foam is all in ground contact and the concrete was ...
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Do exposed foam insulation sheets present a hazard in a bedroom? [closed]

Insulation has been installed on my bedroom ceiling with the white foam side showing and the shiny side against the ceiling. Does the exposed foam side pose any dangers?
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Penetrations in spray foam roof

I'm doing renovations on my 60's house in the southern California desert and I need to make penetrations for plumbing vent pipe and a bathroom fan roof cap in a low slope spray foam roof but I haven't ...
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How to create a rounded, irregular mold for concrete

I’m interested in creating an organic rounded shaped mold to pour concrete into. It will be large, a coffee table and end tables. It has to be a pull apart mold, as I want to carve the shape on all ...
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What type of fasteners are used for fanfold XPS foam insulation?

I'm trying to figure out what type of staples are pros using for fastening fanfold XPS insulation? Most of the specs mention staples, but not the type, length or what sort of stapler. Fanfold XPS ...
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Spackling drywalls around plumbing pipes

What’s the best way to fix drywall holes ~1-1.5” on each side around pipes coming into the wall under sink. I’ve seen folks foam the holes around pipes, but it looks ugly. I was thinking to patch with ...
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PolyRenewal foam injection for settling slab foundation

My house is built on a concrete slab foundation and is 20 years old. Part of the slab, roughly 15'x6' in size under the kitchen, is cracking off from the rest of the foundation and settling down. In ...
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Dense foam padding on plywood kayak shelf - what to use and how to attach it

I built a set of "shelves" in my garage that hold kayaks. Currently the surface the boat rests on is very smooth birch plywood. This is mostly ok, but I'd like to have some sort of dense ...
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Is there any reason *not* to add shipping styrofoam pieces to wall insulation?

My basement walls are covered with a few inches of polyiso foam board with interior stud walls being built over the foam board. I have some extra pieces of foam board from the installation that I am ...
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Do I need house wrap if I'm installing ridgid foam?

I am replacing vinyl siding that was installed over old wood dutch-lap siding. Currently there is 1/4 rigid foam installed over the wood siding, which I imagine is needed for creating a flat nailing ...
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How can I remove foamboard insulation from behind drywall so electrical box tabs have clearance to grab?

I'm planning on adding a lot double-gang old-work boxes to a wall that is made of 2" foam and 1/2" drywall on top of 2x4 studs. The tabs on old-work boxes don't reach far enough to grip the ...
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Any considerations using spray foam to fill holes in bottom of cabinet where piping comes in?

In the bottom of my sink's cabinet, the piping comes in through generously sized holes. This area is a mouse hot-spot. They come into the cabinet through here, and so as part of my overall rodent ...
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