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Gas Fireplace Chimney / Flue Question

In a new build the fireplace installer came to install the last portion of flue, cap, and "crown" - in my case all of this is metal. They left without saying anything (probably normal since ...
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Multiple Flue Liners in Single Flue, 1 standard appliance 1 high efficiency appliance?

I have a 8x12 ID clay tile chimney in good condition. 23' from basement chimney penetration to roof exit. At the basement there is a 7" round vent into the chimney space. Shared by the LP boiler ...
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How to tear down a brick chimney

My 100 year old chimney is in bad shape, so I decided to tear it down and rebuild it. Prior to beginning, I thought it was just the bricks and a steel liner, however once I took off the crown and the ...
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Can I use an existing asbestos type flue on new gas fire installation

I'm planning on having a new wall hung inset gas fire. At the moment I'm using just the gas fire on a BBU, the boiler part has been disconnected for many years. The flue is an asbestos type, bricked ...
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HVAC flue vent making weird noise

My HVAC system is forced hot air, with natural gas. The flue vent is making a weird noise when it's on, kind of like water sloshing around. It's hard to describe the noise, so here's a video (it's a ...
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Wood burning stove chimney leaking

A house we bought a few years ago has a newly fitted wood burning stove and chimney. During combined heavy rain and high winds we will get water leaking down our inside wall near the stove. I’m went ...
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Fibreboard in Chimney entrance, what can I do?

We get a significant draft down the chimney of our Victorian house. I'd like to put some sort of temporary insulation in there, such as a "chimney sheep" product. However, the entrance to ...
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Gas water heater fails draft test

The guy from the gas company turned on my gas water heater and held a lit wooden match near where the flue sits on top of the water heater - it blew out. He says it's not getting a correct draft. The ...
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Chimney Questions

Noob home owner here. We just tried to get our fireplace cleaned for the winter. The guy that came out said we have an old double flue system that's dangerous and can't be used... He said we need to ...
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How to detach insert fireplace from flue (without damaging/cutting flue)?

I have an insert fireplace that is on a raised platform. I want to lower it to normal height (i.e. almost level with the floor). I am looking at the setup and I am not sure how to (non-destructively)...
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Vent 80% gas water heater through rim joist?

Can an 80% efficiency, draft hood, 40k BTU, water heater be vented through a 2x10 wood rim joist with painted cedar siding? Assume proper pipe sloping. The termination would be roughly 2 feet above ...
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I think my gas boiler flue looks off

We had a gas boiler installed. The registered installer did not highlight any issues with fitting the boiler before fitting it. I was away when the job was done and now there is a "snorkel" ...
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How should I seal a flexible flue liner passing through large clay thimble?

I'm replacing my atmospheric venting natural gas water heater and I'd like to clean up the type B venting solution while I'm at it. I've had a high efficiency furnace put in so now only my gas water ...
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Chimney damper does not open

My chimney damper does not open. I bought the house last year so have never used it before. Any suggestions on how to get it unstuck? Note that the damper cable DOES move from one side to the other ...
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Remove fireplace leave metal chimney on roof

I removed a wood-burning stove and cut through the double-lined metal chimney flue in the attic. In the short term I jammed some insulation in the metal liner and left the rest of the chimney with the ...
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What are these copper pipes and do I need to do anything to them before covering them with a wall?

Home was built in the 1950s, and this is where there was originally a shop in the back of a basement garage. We just tore out the wall that had been put up here (sometime in the 80s?) and were ...
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Can I make hole above a lintel for a flue

I'm doing some work on a flat and want to move the boiler higher up than it is. That means putting a flue above the window. The problem is I'm the second to top floor flat. As you can see from the ...
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Gas Combustion Air Duct Re-Route Considerations

What are the safety/legal considerations for safely re-routing gas combustion ducts? I have a two-story house with two gas combustion air ducts. The left duct serves a fireplace that is not in use and ...
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Why does boiler flue have to be sealed on both sides?

My boiler flue isn't sealed on the inside. Only the outside. I read it needs to be sealed on both sides. But why does it need to be sealed on the inside? Since its unsealed at the moment I can see ...
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Fireplace flue that can't be cleaned?

A licensed chimneysweep recently inspected the sole flue in our ~100 year old house. He reported that "buildup is not too bad, but the flue should be cleaned." He also reported that the flue could NOT ...
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How can I best connect this metal gas flue pipe to the old asbestos cement chimney pipe?

The asbestos cement pipe here can't be changed, but how can I make a robust fix for this junction to the a heater flue pipe? The gas utility is suggesting flue tape, but that's crazy. Tape won't ...
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Smell from recently capped chimney

We had our chimney capped a couple of months ago (the next-door semi were having theirs done, so we said "yes" to their contractor doing ours at the same time). The contractor has removed the chimney ...
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Leak from base of flue

During a heavy rain storm the chimney leaked from the base of the flue. In the picture you can see the drop as it fell. The crown and the chimney was rebuilt to just above the roof line 3 weeks ago. ...
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How do I determine if my chimney draft is correct?

I'm having issues with my boiler, and according to this answer, one of the problems might be that my chimney draft is incorrect. What steps are required to determine if my chimney draft is correct?
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B-Vent Flue Condensation

We have had a water spot appear and not go away in our master bath. After looking around I found out that the flue pipe, B-Vent, is dripping with condensation when the furnace is running. I have ...
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Chimney repair for old unused flue

We bought a house, built in 1986. The home has a "real" fireplace (heatilator style)- (Center flue), furnace is direct vented (now), and water heater is vented through the chimney (right flue). The ...
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