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Code for deck footers in sugar-sand

What is the Code for "deck footers" that are in a sugar-sandy area?
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Florida room enclosed

My Florida room is at the back of house, which slopes down a hill. While the house itself is block construction, the Florida room addition has been built on a deck-like foundation and also had a deck ...
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240 V Car charging circuit

I have a 90 amp breaker outside my house, which then runs to my breaker box within my garage. My A/C and range are on separated external breakers. I want to install a 240 V charger for a Tesla within ...
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What is the life expectancy of toilet consumable parts?

A building with 20+ toilets was built in 2004. Florida water is sourced from an aquifer. Bolts pin the toilet tank to the bowl. Is there any reason not to change: all bolts at year 20? angle stop ...
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Is it safe to shut off an electric water heater for long periods of time? [closed]

The house is located in Florida and has a 4 year old electrical water heater. Can I safely shut off the hot water heater for a long period of time? Or can I install a regulator and the purpose of it?
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Florida footing depth

Could someone help me read this? Florida Building Code The structures on the left and right side will be new. Just outdoor multi purpose areas with fixed roofs. Left side for cooking (kitchenette)/ ...
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Help modifying window opening. American Concrete Institute standards? Building code?

I'm remodeling my kitchen and part of the work that I want to do involves modifying my window rough openings. Currently, the windows in my kitchen are lower than the countertop backsplash and I want ...
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How does one know if running water is enough to avoid frozen pipes?

Recent freezes in southern states (Texas) have caused pipes to burst, as the pipes are not insulated for freezing weather. I believe that running the water can prevent the pipe from freezing. Is it ...
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