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Advice on electrical socket fixing into wood fibre internal wall insulation

Our house has recently been insulated with Pavatex wood fibre boards, with a finishing coat of lime plaster on top. I now want to add more electrical sockets. Standard UK style. Ideally the back boxes ...
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Mantle Brackets on Brick Fireplace Wall

I have a fireplace wall that is 8’8” wide. The brick stops at 62 1/2” high and then there is a small stud wall above it with 3/4” pine penny gap that’s flush with the face of the brick, all the way up ...
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Wooden fence requires post on conblock - Solution required

I am building a fence in my back garden, in Indonesia. (2.8m W) panels to be 80cm tall. 2 post to be secured to wall (easy part) and two posts to be secured onto conblock, my issue is securing the ...
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How to remove a curtain rail fitting?

I am trying to remove a current curtain rail and it’s fitting. However once I remove the initial pole and fitting stay I am left with a stud for which there is no apparent attachment method and a ...
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What fixing to use for hanging heavy structure to wall [duplicate]

I'm building an enclosed storage space above a staircase. The base would be fixed on three sides: on banister on one side (fixed to the floor, can take pretty much any load) and two walls on two more ...
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What type of fixing is this, and how do I remove it?

I've been trying to remove floating shelves fixed onto a masonry wall with no visible screws. After cutting into it with a saw, I've found it is held up with the following fixing: The exposed part of ...
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Rebar in the way inside a concrete lintel

While drilling to fix brackets to a concrete lintel using 50mm long rawlbolts (75mm bolts), I've hit something inside the lintel. Only guess it's rebar. And, of course it's the last hole! I've gone in ...
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