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How do I make sure the Energy fire log continuosuly burns?

I have started using wood fireplace, and I am not sure why, even after using a fire starter, the energy fire log doesn't maintain fire. At the end, it leaves a dark surface on the energy fire log as ...
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Do I have damper on my wood stove?

I have a wood-burning stove, and I use it once or twice a year. When using using it I only use a knob (pull or push) which control the air intake. I have noticed that when I use the stove I smell ...
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Advice for building simple poles to hold up a tarp above firewood storage

I have a bunch of recently chopped wood on a few racks now located on the side of my shed. I'm looking to set up a semi-temporary sloped tarp canopy above it to keep the rain off but make sure there's ...
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How is the baffle board of this stove able to heat up without combusting?

I'm not sure if this question is right for this site, but since it is home improvement-related I thought I'd ask. I recently helped my family acquire this stove from a local distributor, and whilst ...
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Will insects/rot from an untreated log in my garden spread to my house?

I have a large fresh log from a tree my neighbors cut down earlier this year in my yard. I got it to serve as a bench and grow mushrooms on, with the hope that it would eventually start decomposing ...
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How important is the bottom airflow in firewood storage?

We store firewood leaning against the house walls on the northern side, on a concrete pavement. There isn't space elsewhere. We consider laying the new supply of firewood on (treated) planks (parallel ...
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Question regarding firewood drying time

After I cut up a live tree into firewood, what is the amount of drying time required before it is ready to be used? I heard that one year should do the trick
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Must all firewood sheds have airflow?

I am about to make a 2400mm x 700mm x 1800mm firewood shed for storing dry wood and keeping it that way. The location is the least affected by elements on our property, it's very protected from wind, ...
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2 answers

Should I use pressure-treated wood for a firewood shed?

Should I use treated wood or not? Is it preferred to use treated lumber for the studs and plywood for a firewood shed? Is there a reason not to use treated wood?
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How suitable is a reciprocating saw for cutting lengths of firewood (at home)?

I have a heap of untreated reject timber from a portable mill which I intend to use for firewood. It's in long pieces, often with bark on one side, and some are up to about 20cm (8") thick. It is ...
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