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Party wall construction in Ewardian house

I have a brick party wall between my house and my neighbors and we need to build a fire retardant wall above the bricks in the eaves of the building. As far as I have understood building regs here in ...
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Can a 1 hour fire wall be used as a finish wall?

I am building what is referred to as an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), and will be required to install a 1-hour firewall which I understand to be a 2x4 wall with 5/8" gypsum on both sides. It ...
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Fire retardant spray on cedar fence

I have a cedar fence stained with ready seal, an oil based stain. The end posts go pretty close to the house as expected. I am putting a shed up, to store flamables and such, and I have an ...
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How to check if painted plasterboard is fire rated?

UK answers in particular please ... The underside of the staircase and main escape route in my new house is in my kitchen, and has my fridge immediately underneath. Is there an easy way to check ...
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