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For questions dealing with building materials or materials approved for use, and installed to resist the free passage of flame to other areas of the building through concealed spaces

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Fireblocking balloon framed interior/attic walls

Small 1960 ranch, roof trusses spaced 24" with a center sloped cathedral ceiling over the living room / kitchen, giving about 2-1/2 additional feet of height at the peak. The wall at either end ...
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Did I Make a Major Framing Mistake?

I am an absolute ameteur trying to frame my basement remodeling project by myself and I've learned a lot since the start of this project, but I am worried the parts I didn't know are going to come ...
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How do you fireblock a huge cavity in the middle of a house?

Looking for an inventive way to fireblock in an unfinished part of a basement right under an upstairs tub (regular cast iron). I won't bother with a picture because too much going on. But the "...
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Improvements to consider when opening walls during remodel of 60s home

I'm remodeling a 60s cabin home with vertical and horizontal wood board siding. While I have the walls exposed, I wonder about possible improvements I should consider while I have access to the open ...
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How can I close a gap between ceiling drywall and a furnace flue?

My gas furnace is located in my laundry/utility and is normal(~80%?) efficiency with a Type B Flue. It goes up through the drywall ceiling into my attic(1 story) and out the roof and I verified that ...
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Can I notch the end of a piece of fire blocking to accommodate a wire?

I'm framing a partition wall and a lowered ceiling on one side of that wall. The space above the new, lower ceiling will essentially be attic space, so the inspector said I need fire blocking in the ...
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How to fireblock irregular shaped hole in subfloor with pipes and electrical wires?

I've created an access hole in my subfloor for a couple pipes and a few electrical wires to get down into the crawlspace. It's coming up through the floor behind a chase wall, but the space is super ...
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Fire blocking basement, regarding unfinished closet

Currently framing a completely unfinished basement, I would like to leave the closets unfinished, for space primarily and to have access to ceiling above. I have 3 closets, one leading to under the ...
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What can be used for CPVC firestops?

What materials to people use as a firestop for where CPVC lines penetrate through the wall/fireblocking? According to the manufacturer, apparently CPVC does not play well with certain materials. &...
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Balloon frame fire blocking

I've got a two-story balloon frame house that is gutted. I have to install fire blocking between studs in the wall cavity. Do I install the fire blocking wherever there is a floor, or wherever there ...
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Does conduit terminated in backless gang boxes defeat the purpose of fireblocking?

My understanding for an ENT conduit (other than for future flexibility) was that it was fire-rated, to reduce the spread of fire/air-flow between floors. If the conduit went through fire-blocks or ...
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