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Use for all matters related to water-based, fixed fire suppression systems (often called "fire sprinklers").

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Is my well booster pump GPM is too high, causing pipe erosion?

I am suspecting my well booster pump is causing errosion corrosion inside my house where 3/4" copper exists. It is 2 HP and operates at 25-44 GPM. The 1" line outside the house tees off into the fire ...
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Basement duct installation with fire sprinkler pipe

Can I install a metal HVAC duct with register into the same ceiling joist bay as an orange fire sprinkler pipe, parallel to it? The sprinkler pipe has 2 heads on it.
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Could a pressurized fire sprinkler system be causing a loud sound?

Every night, we hear loud cracking sounds coming from our attic. The sounds are quite loud, and it sounds like there could be a real problem. We hear it every night, usually multiple times. It ...
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