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How to scribe when the filler offcut piece isn't itself square?

I have an offcut that isn't exactly square and parallel, but it does have one straight side along the length. Think of something like this: I'm wanting to use this as a filler piece between my ...
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How to fill space between sink and wall?

Between my kitchen sink and wall there is a type of plaster that is falling apart. I'm not sure what material it is, but I would like to remove it all together and put something new. Could you tell me ...
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How can I seal a hole in a concrete foundation wall for flex tubing?

During the electrical upgrade, several PEHD tubes were laid through a hole in the wall (60cm thick). I am not sure how to fill the hole - want to keep the water and the dirt outside. Insulation is not ...
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Replacing tile on front edge of tub that has sunk, but not enough room to attach drywall/cement board

Album of area in question We purchased our home with this known area of broken tile. Eventually the entire original mid-70s bathroom will be gutted and remodeled, but in the meantime, I'm looking for ...
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Do I really need to run so many parallel EMTs?

NEC gives max number of conductors for certain EMT conduit. For example, it’s 16x12AWG for a 3/4” conduit. Now it turns out this is really not the limiting factor at all. It is de-rating. Suppose I ...
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What's the best soil for filling around the building walls?

The ground is made of clay so we excavated and did the back filling with river sand and we have laid the excavated clay around the building walls. But I'm noticing that rain water that runs off from ...
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Fill a hole in a 2x4

Building a Cornhole board I drilled hole to bolt legs in. I can’t remove the boards due to all pieces glued and screwed together. How do I fill the holes I drilled for the legs ?
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How to fill a brick sized hole in a brick cavity wall?

I have found two brick-sized holes that were covered up by multiple layers of wallpaper. Like this: As I intend to paint the wall instead, I would like to fill them in. I am not sure how to do it, ...
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How to fill in a large right-angle gap at my front door frame?

I recently had a new front door and frame installed in my London Victorian house. However, rather than neatly filling the gap between the inside wall and the frame, they simply used a strip of beading/...
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