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2 answers

What's my health situation like living in an exposed fiberglass insulation for 2 weeks

My attic floor is covered with fiberglass insulation. I go to the attic very often. Sorting out winter/summer clothes. Or I go up to search for stuff as my attic is a short term storage. 2 weeks ago, ...
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8 answers

Is there an approved way of fixing a cracked Fiberglass Tub/Shower?

I noticed a crack in the bottom of my tub, and noticed that it flexed when I stepped near it. I called in 2 companies to give me an estimate on repair. The first, proposed a more or less ...
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1 answer

Can fiber-optic data cable be run overhead to a garage?

I want to run internet from my main house to garage located few meters away. I plan to use fiber instead of cat5 to avoid reported problems of blowing out network switches. I could have made a trench ...
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3 answers

How can I waterproof an exposed porch with a basement room underneath?

I am replacing a front porch, it currently is an elevated porch with your typical dirt and debris underneath, and it is an open porch. I intend to excavate a new basement room underneath it, cutting ...
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Repairing cracked fiberglass pool steps

I have a roughly 6" crack on one of my top fiberglass pool steps that slowly allows the water level to drain below the optimal level for the skimmer. I've found some years old suggested techniques ...
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